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B2B - Online Marketing

BlueFrog Marketing - B2B Online Strategy & Tools

Justin Bruce

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of B2B - Online Marketing

Research Analysis Planning Implementation your network Detection Business to Business Marketing Online Strategy and tools 2011 customers a free monitoring tool for measuring your brands or keywords using 32 social networking sites. a free service, which tracks over 100 million blogs. It can also produce the information as a trend chart. helps you easily target keywords that are important to your brand and receive regular streaming or batched reports. HowSociable blogpulse shows you the interest in specific topics. It analyses a portion of worldwide Google web searches to determine how many searches have been done relative to the total number of searches done over time. It also predicts the future for one year. google alerts google insights shows how many people are looking locally (set location to Australia) or globally for your chosen key words or phrases and the competition. Google keyword tool www.diigo.com info overlaod? Your staff, collegues, family and friends
can all provide free R&D
Post on your social media sites,
email and call them. www.google.com/reader prospects Industry RSS Feeds, blogs, websites, podcasts etc collect your thoughts Crowdsourcing for research Social media pages and real people Survey them Clean up your data Manage your projects R A I D P R A P D I R A P I D website It's all about you and why you should Trust us SOcial media Website LEAD GEN & CONVERSION Check your brand Facebook Sign up and collect all your friends
Then register a business fan page using your business name.(in that order)
Research your competitors to benchmark. Register account in your business name
Read this guide : http://mashable.com/guidebook/twitter/
Search for relevant business topics to benchmark langauge and content twitter Dedicate resources and time
Set up blog site, Wordpress or Posturous
Decide on a focus & write great content
Ecourage referral your blog linkedIn Register business account name
Research industry and competitors
Connect with and get recommendations their blogs Identify 2-3 blogs in your industry
Regularly read & participate
Add value
Make friends with the writer integrate Multimedia don't forget Social Media Analytics buzzlogic
TNS Cymfony
Brands Eye
Reputation Defender
Sentiment Metrics Search Facebook
Search Twitter
Twitter search
Social Mention
Filtrbox CRM FREE PAID consistent user name for seo Measure at every action
who is visiting
where they come from
what they do
where they go Prospects to Leads to Sales A P I D R R A P I D Test and Measure AdWords Search
Micro Site
Order & Pay R P I D A R A P D I Business to Business Marketing Online strategy, tactics and tools 2011 Adwords
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