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Creative Music Project - Processes and Outputs

Examples of documenting development and possible outcomes

Clare Kelly Duffin

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Creative Music Project - Processes and Outputs

- Lavender in the Library
The blog, Lavender in the Library, provides a narrative for the thematic and creative development of the new body of work. However, the following written piece provides an in –depth discussion in reflection of the immersive creative process, conveying elemental decision-making; citing other music works that helped inform this piece, and; an appraisal of each outcome (each track), with close regard to the project brief.
In groups of 4, document a 5-stage hypothetical process, starting with a mind-map, that portrays a line of development from concept to final creative output.
Documenting the Creative Process - Ideas & Examples
Key Points:
- Creative development (blogs)
- Example introduction (in blog)
- Types of development
- Working with a concept (task)
The process is often more important than the end product.

Validates the end product

Provides insight to thought processes
Example Introduction to Blog (CONTEXT)
- Short video diary reflections
- Spider diagrams / mind maps
- Photographs (with annotations)
- Interview material (with annotations)
- Scrapbook-style mood boards (with annotations) / Pinterest boards
- Scanned sketches (to PDF)

[closer look at blog elements & conceptual threads]
Conceptual Framework
- Based on a book found in Otago Lane the day of Anna Kelly's death ('The Greatest Thing in the World' by Henry Drummond)

- Buds of lavender found in pages of book

- Verse(s) of book (where lavender was found) used as products of inspiration

- Multifaceted approach
The Greatest Thing in the World
Love, Peace, Joy

Book discovery (situation)
Feelings towards family member (Anna)
Lavender (as message/symbol)
Re-locating the book
Conceptual Framework (2)
1. Lavender in the Library
- Physical & digital release (artefacts)

Examples by project
- Documentary film (artefact)
- Screening of film (event)
List of concepts
- Star Wars
- Birth / a newborn baby
- A long, winding river
- Velvet rope
- Magic
- The colour purple
- Addiction
- Mirrors
- What it means to be Scottish
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