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Knights Templar

In this Prezi, I discuss the History of one of the most famous military orders from the Middle Ages, The Knights Templar

Sarah Enright

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Knights Templar

Knights Templar by Sarah Enright The Knights Templar were on of the most famous military orders from the middle ages. They were warrior monks and they referred to themselves as the Poor knights of Christ, yet they were richer than king's. They were rich, because they set up the first banking system in the world. Who were they? After the first crusade, A man named Hugh de Payens went to the palace of King Baldwin II making a proposal of setting up an order to protect the Christian pilgrims who travel to the holy land to visit shrines sacred to their religion. Hugh de Paynes also suggested they would be warrior monks. With that the Templars were formed. King Baldwin II granted the knights a headquarter called the Temple of Solomen. The making of the Knights Templar Temple of
Solomen The Crusades The Crusades were wars set up by the pope to try get Jerusalem back into Christian hands. Before the first crusade the pope said anyone who participates will get immediate access into heaven. England, Germany and Italy took part. One of the military leaders of this expedition was the future king of Jerusalem King Baldwin II. This Crusade led to the creation of the Knights Templar. Templar
symbol It is said that there was only nine men when the order was first made, but then in 1139, Pope Innocent II accepted the order from obedience to local laws. Meaning Templars could pass freely through all borders. This was when the Order grew rapidly. Templar's Growth Pope Innocent II Banking The Knights Templar set up the first banking system ever. They gave loans, charged interest and gave credit notes. While this is what made them rich, its the main reason for their downfall. Clothing The Templars wore a white surcoat with a red cross and a white mantle. According to their Rule, the knights were to wear the white mantle at all times, even being forbidden to eat or drink unless they were wearing it. The red cross that they wore on their robes was a symbol of martyrdom, and to die in combat was considered a great honor that assured a place in heaven. They were also forbidden to surrender unless their flag had fallen. King Phillip IV of France Also known as Phillip the fair because of his looks. King Phillip was in debt with the knights templar, because he got loans for weapons for his battles. He wanted to get rid of this debt so he planned to get rid of the knights templar. Downfall On Friday the 13th of October 1307, King Phillip VI summoned Templar leaders through out Europe to discuss a possible joining of the Templars with other military orders. This was only to bring all Templar leaders to France and leave the others leaderless. This is when hundreds of Templars including the order’s grand master, Jacques de Molay, were rounded up, imprisoned and charged of heresy, devil worship (common accusation), idolatry, obscene rituals, secrecy and spitting on the cross. The templars had treasure but the treasure and remaining templars both dissappeared on Friday the 13th. This is why Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day. Jacques de Molay King Baldwin II The Inquisition This was when the templars were tortured into admitting their charges. Even though they admitted to doing these things, there is no evidence, no witnesses to prove it. Even Jacque de Moley admitted he only admitted to the charges because of the pain he was in. The main rule of the inquisition was not to draw blood. So they tortured them by putting them upside down, using thumb screws, using cold water, roast feet over a fire and using the rack. This was when your hands and feet were fastened with ropes and they pulle the ropes until you bones were dislocated. If the inquisitioner kept pulling the ropes your limbs would eventually tear. Jerusalem fell back into muslim hands. Hanging upside down Thumb screws The Rack heating feat Jacque de Molay Death In March 1314, Jacque de Molay was executed by being burnt on a scaffold. King Phillip IV and Pope Clement V were there to witness his death. Jacques de Molay's last word were that Phillip and Clement would join him before his creator. A month later the pope died and Phillip was dead by the end of November. Myths and Legends Some people think that the templars were not just rich because they were banks. Some think they were rich because they had something the church wanted. Like the Holy grail. They were occused of idoltry, some may think they worshiped John the baptist's head. They are supposed to have found pieces of the true cross, ark of the covenant and possesion of a records of Jesus' decendants. But there is no evidence of these discoveries. Survivors No one truely knows what happended to the remaining survivors. There is no record of where they or their treasure were. Thank you for watching!
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