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Old Spice - Integrated Marketing Communications

No description

Craig Pinto

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Old Spice - Integrated Marketing Communications

The first Old Spice® product, "American Old Spice" was for women -1937
Old Spice for men came out in 1938.
The Old Spice products were manufactured by the Shulton Company that was founded in 1934 by William Lightfoot Schultz.

Early American Old Spice was developed around a colonial theme.
Through continuous use and advertising, the various ships have become a valuable trademark identifying the Old Spice product for men.

The original ships used on the packaging were
The Grand Turk
The Friendship
The Wesley

Procter & Gamble purchased the Old Spice from the Shulton Company in June 1990.

Since purchasing the Old Spice line, they have continued to provide many of the original Old Spice products and have introduced several new products that have enhanced the Old Spice line.
Brief Company History
Product Range
Body Wash
Body Spray
Bar Soap
Hair Styling and Hair Care
Hair Trimmers and Shavers
Shaving Gel
Old Spice Print Ads
Freshest Smelling Places on Earth
Play on Words - Self = Smellf
Unhygienic Armpit
Old Spice TV C's Abroad
Relevant Points
Emphasizes the 'Manliness'
Fights Bad Odour
Makes you fresh
Improves Self-Confidence
Use famous personalities ex. Isaiah Mustafa, Neil Patrick Harris
Relevant Taglines, 'Believe in your Smellf' ; 'Residue is Evil' ; There's a man in there ; Smell better than yourself
Relevant Points
Interactive, and Sophisticated and Bizarre
Intellectual Wordplay
The focus is on an ideal man, mostly
Adventurous Settings
Some ads use "Shock" and "Delight"
Campaign Taglines fit the brand appropriately ex. Smell like a man, man; Smell is power; Believe in your Smellf
Old Spice Social Media Campaign
The Challenge
Old spice is a brand that was previously associated with Old men
Proctor and Gamble waited until 2002 to launch a rebrand but began to be edged out of the 12-24 age market by deodorant brand ‘Axe’. In response, they launched the ‘Swagger’ campaign.
The real example of their success is the series of Youtube videos featuring Isaiah Mustafa aka The Old Spice guy: ‘the man your man could smell like’. Ad agency : Weiden and Kennedy
The real challenge came during the summer of 2011 when Weiden and Kennedy were faced with the task of continuing the campaign without it getting stale. In a risky move, they decided to introduce a story line and launched the New Old Spice Guy (Fabio), another character who wanted to challenge the Old Spice guy to duel Mano a Mano.
Naturally, viewers of the videos would be involved in the campaign being asked to vote to decide which was their favourite Old Spice guy and be able to influence the duel.
The campaign achieved the ultimate goal of social media marketing as reports indicated a sales increase of 107% for Old Spice around the time of the first campaign with old spice shower gel becoming the number one shower gel brand in the US and the second campaign smashing youtube records and increasing sales (although P&G have not released exact figures).
Why was it so successful???
A. The content was spot on!
Much of the success of the campaign lies within the content of the video, which uses a simple formula to tempt people into sharing and replicating it with their own spoofs. The simple writing and direction behind the video set it up to be a perfect candidate for going viral and that’s exactly what happened. Youtube is littered with comments and spoofs of the video.
B. It engaged with the audience.
While great content is hugely important, material doesn’t stay fresh and interesting for very long.
Naturally, the campaign garnered responses from social media on other social media sites. Rather than tweet or message people back, Weiden and Kennedy took it to the next level and began to engage with their audience through filming short personalised response videos which were met with shock and delight, and thus encouraging others to engage with the campaign.
C. It gained momentum, fast
Inevitably, the campaign received some high profile tweets from celebrities, most notably: Ellen DeGeneres, Perez Hilton and Alyssa Milano. A shrewd move for the campaign as it was able to hook into those celebrity fan bases and readers and thus widen the audience and get some free celebrity endorsement.
In the first day alone, the Response Campaign generated 5.9 million YouTube views, more than Obama’s victory speech had achieved in its first 24 hours.
On day two, Old Spice YouTube channel owned eight out of the 11 most popular videos on the web at that time.
By day three, views had risen to more than 20 million, a figure that doubled within a week.

During this same period, Twitter followers of Old Spice increased 2,700 percent while Facebook fans rose 800 percent—from 500,000 to 800,000.

Subscribers to the brand’s YouTube channel, meanwhile, more than doubled, from 65,000 to 150,000.
Old Spice in India
The 76 seconds long Milind’s Mantastic Man video has garnered 720K views and while the stats for the video have been disabled, we can see that it has received 576 likes as opposed to 392 dislikes. Which means for every 3 viewers who like it, there are 2 who don’t and we can see why. The video commercial has been shared on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages, but these are just the early days of introducing the new face of the brand. - October 11th, 2013
The original ad was dubbed into an Indian's voice speaking in English, and altered slightly to advertise Deodorants instead of BodyWash - This was the begining of the Smell Mantastic Campign by Weiden and Kennedy Delhi.

The new Old Spice commercial ‘Mantastic Man’ featuring Milind Soman, the country’s first super male model has also followed suit with its ‘Smell Mantastic’ campaign promotions.
"We didn't want a guy who waxes his chest."
Apart from his blatant good looks, Milind Soman was chosen to be India's ambassador of 'Mantastic' because he is a genuine "man's man", according to Siddharth Sikand, director of the goofy Old Spice ads doing the rounds on TV and the Internet. Soman is such a chick magnet, Sikand reveals.- Source: Vogue.in | 17 Oct 2013
Old Spice sought to create social media buzz prior to its launch by inviting the community to guess ‘#WhatsInTheTub’. The social media campaign handled by ad agency IBS India, embarked on a creative route to establish the personality of the tub.
The tub featured in movie posters, to become a part of pop culture. The Old Spice Facebook and Twitter pages shared these ‘mantastic’ movie posters, replacing the main lead with the tub. - April 30th, 2014
Image Results
Repositioning the brands focus towards teenage boys who want to grow up into men. The 'Boys Wannabe Men' campaign will be fetaured in print and T.V.C's
Campaign Brief
The 'Mantastic Man' campaign in India didn't work so well because everyone has a dispute on what a real man is. Plus Milind Soman didn't turn out to be the heartthrob everyone thought he would be.
So why not reposition it to a deodorant that turns boys into men (TG Boys 16 - 25)
65% of Indi'as population is 35 or under, and half the country's population of 1.25 billion people is under 25 years of age.
Lets be fair and say that there .62 billion boys in India we are targeting
The ad's will rotate around a ' a bearded manly looking celebrity outdoing a young teenager in graphic depictions'
The message is simple, and will also be integrated on SocialMedia, like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
Social Media Strategy
Clicking pictures of boys with their fathers holding Old Spice Deo's with the #boyswannabemen - A contest for the most number retweets will be conducted

Clicking pictures of their biceps holding a Old Spice Deo can with the #boyswannabemen - A contest for the most number picture likes will be conducted
By Craig Pinto
Shameem Banu
Vikash Kumar

Bearded Manly Men
Undoubtedly Mantastic
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