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Immanuel Kant

knowledge issues and stuff

Jennifer Kuo

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant by Jennifer and Vivian what is he most know for?? Who is he?? What is the path to knowledge?? How do I know?? Is there a structure to reality? What is reality?? what IS the universe? Does the universe have a purpose? Duty, Enlightenment, Morality What is essential to human life? How do we deal with ourselves? Does Human life have a purpose? What is "self"?? Who am I? QUIZ
TIME!! transcendental idealism:
the world as a construct Stages of Knowledge:
Sensation --> Perception --> Conception --> Science Enlightment, Moral Duty, Respect, Understanding Moral Law and Duty Kant and Descartes:
Dualism vs transcendental idealism If you murder a person,
is it your hand or
your mind that
committed the crime? If you cleaned the bathroom,
what would be the reason?
a. it was dirty
b. because it needs cleaning
c. you get paid You know that
E = mc², what
stage of knowledge
are you at? According to Kant, why should Amir from The Kite Runner atone for his sins?? Mark won a spelling bee, but he actually misspelled a word. As such, he refuses the award because: A. because this will make him feel better
B. because then other people will respect him more
C. Because he has a duty to his principles to do so categorical imperative: the Context doesn't matter following moral principles=freedom am I a body, soul or a self?? THE END ANY QUESTIONS?? Citations a priori
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