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Theme 2 - Jesus

No description

Hannah Lyons

on 25 September 2017

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Transcript of Theme 2 - Jesus

By Aisling Byrne, Mairéad Malone, Ariana Harris, Hannah Lyons and Emma Byrne
This theme is about the life of Jesus and how it is the basis for Christian Faith.
The prayer service should take place, if possible, in a church. If this is not possible have the children gather around the prayer space in the classroom.

The prayer service happens as follows
Opening song (Gathering Song)
Reading of the Gospel
Discussion about Jesus and Friendship
Saying the Our Father

This service gives the children an opportunity to reflect on everything they have learned about Jesus and friends of Jesus.

It gives the teacher the opportunity to assess and see what the children have learned.
Prayer Service
Built on previous material covered in Infants
Comprehensive programme
Wide range of resources
Ideas for prayer space were plentiful
"Our mission as Christians is to conform ourselves evermore to Jesus as the model of our lives." Pope Francis
Final Points
Theme 2 - Jesus
Lesson Plans
Prayer Space
The prayer space will include a green cloth to represent ordinary time, a candle, a crucifix and holy water. The prayer space will also have a bible which will be open on different pages depending on the lesson. During each lesson, different items will be added.
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4

Lesson 5
At Mass, Jesus' friends gather together
Learning objectives:
The child should be enabled to...
Name Sunday as the day on which Jesus' friends gather for Mass
Discuss the roles of the following people: the priest, the sacristan, altar servers, choir and people
Pray the prayers and responses relevant to the opening part of Mass
Let's Look...
Interactive activity
Let's Learn...
Gathering song
Slideshow: People who work in the church
Video: Introductory Rites
Let's Live...
Chatting about going to Mass
Children's workbook: Pages 16+17
Jesus had many Friends
Learning Objectives
Let's Look...
Link with 'Together Again' (Theme 1: Lesson1)
Video 'You've got a Friend in Me'
Let's Learn...
Story -Jesus and the Fishermen
Wall Frieze
Story - Jesus and Matthew
Let's Live...
Reflection about friendship
Wall Frieze
Thank You for listening!
When Jesus Was a Boy
Learning Objectives
The children should be enabled to:
• Recall stories they have already learned about Jesus from the Bible.
• Imagine what Jesus’ friends said about him after the calming of the storm on the Sea of Galilee.
Communicating and Participating-
• Discuss Jesus’ Passion, death, and Resurrection.
• Share some of the things they know about Jesus with their families

Jesus taught his friends how to live
Learning objectives:
The children will be enabled to...
Explore the story 'The Woman who gave all' from the perspectives of the different people in it.
Consider the ways in which they can follow the example of 'the woman who gave all.'
Discuss and retell the story in their own words, according to their ability.
Express what they have learned about sharing from the story.
Jesus Healed People
The child will be enabled to:
Explore the story ‘Jesus Heals a Man who is Paralysed’
Wonder about why Jesus helped the man who was paralysed
Communicating and Participating:
Discuss and retell the story ‘Jesus Heals a Man who is Paralysed’ in their own words according to their own ability
Engage in a drama activity to ask question of the man who was healed
Give thanks to God for the gift of friendship in their lives
Learning Objectives
Let's Look...
'Circle of Friends'
Prayers of thanks
Our Father
Let's Learn..
Art Activity:
Looking and Responding
The Man who was Paralysed
'Jesus Heals a Man who is Paralysed'
Hot-seating teacher in role as man who was healed
Let's Live...

Acrostic Poem
Prayers of thanks
Our Father
Drama, art and ICT can also be incorporated into this lesson
Children will learn prayers and songs from the Grow in Live soundtrack which they will have to memorise.
Use of ICT:
The Grow in Love website has many excellent resources such as slideshows, videos, posters, etc.
Talk and discussion:
This will allow the teacher to hear any prior knowledge the children have on a topic while also hearing about different people's experiences.
Drama- Still Image
After hearing a story, the children could act out different scenes in groups and freeze at a certain point to create a still image. This puts an emphasis on the characters' feelings as the children will have to consider their facial expressions.
Let's Look
Who Am I activity
Discussion based on poster
Prayer: Our Father
Let's Learn...
Three interactive activities
Song: When Jesus Was a Boy
Drama role play as Jesus' friends
Children's workbook activity
Let's Live...
Conversation about what children now know about Jesus
Round Robin
This method is useful as a story recall strategy. The teacher could have a ball that is thrown to different students asking them questions about the story to test their memory and attention during the reading of the story.
Name Simon, Peter, James, John and Matthew as some of Jesus' friends
Discuss and retell some of the stories of Jesus' first meetings with Simon, Peter, James, John and Matthew in their own words
Become aware that Jesus is calling them personally to be friends
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