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the paris under ground greave yard

No description

lanea mays

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of the paris under ground greave yard

The Under Ground Graveyard of Europe The Christian catacombs are extremely important for the art history of early Christian art, as they contain the grand majority of examples from before about 400 AD, in fresco and sculpture. The Jewish catacombs are similarly important for the study of Jewish art at this period.even tho they are most famous for christian burials,they include pagan and jewish burials to. fun facts on paris catacombs Paris since Roman times buried its dead to the outskirts of the city, but this changed with the rise of Christianity and its practice of burying its faithful deceased in consecrated ground in and adjoining its churches. By the 10th century, because of the city's expansion over the centuries, there were many parish cemeteries within city limits, even in central locations. When Paris' population began to rise rapidly in the following centuries, some of these cemeteries became overcrowded where expansion was impossible. Soon only the most wealthy could afford church burials, which led to the opening in the early 12th century of a central burial ground for more common burials: initially dependent upon the St. Opportune church, this cemetery near Paris' central Les Halles district was renamed as the 'Saints-Innocents cemetery' under its own church and parish towards the end of the same century. this is a catacombs of paris The Catacombs are vary intresting to me because of the facked that you would never think of be baried like that or would you
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