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Business Information Systems

Hong Kong Disneyland

Bryan Chan

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Business Information Systems

Introduction The Porter’s
Five Forces Model
Competitive Advantages Possible Problems Conclusion Risks Hong Kong Disneyland Strengths Information
Participants Five Component Model Information Resources Business Flows (By Erica) Recommendation
- Automated Process
(Self-Service Borrowing System ) Strengths Background Information Today’s Outline (By Barry) - Avoid Data Loss
- Improve the Speed of the System
- Frequent Crack Downs
- Purchase More System Unit
& Wireless Scanner Recommendations - Use Smart Card to Record the Arrival and Leave Time
- Provide Automatic Update Attendance Status
- Use as Identification of Staff
- Serve as the Recording of Attendance Function Recommendations Affect the Reputation Of HKDL due to Lack Caring of the Environmental Issue Risks Hong Kong Disneyland Risks The Shanghai Disneyland
is going to Open by the End of 2015 Risks - The Readibility of RFID Chips
Limited to Around 40 Feet Only Risks (By Bryan) - Build Reputation
for Hong Kong Disneyland Competitive Advantages (By Kathy) - Not Enough Machines to Record Attendance
- Queue for a Long Period of Time
- Pressed Incorrect Button Possible Problems - Few No. of System Units
- Queue for Long Time (Cast Members)
- Slow Down Costumes Borrow Process
- Few No. of Bar Codes Scanners Possible Problems (By Erica) Eg. CostuMagic Five Component Model (By Bertha) - Not Effective
in Communication Information Participants (By Erica) (By Bertha) (By Bryan) Salary Payment Process (By Kathy) Staff Attendance (By Barry) Costumes Borrowing (By Bryan) 1. High-tech System Conclusion (By Barry) Automatic Five Component Model - Expensive Costumes
have to Borrow Manually
( Slow, Inefficient ) Information Participants - Software Used Information Resources - Hardware Used Information Resources (By Bertha) Costume Maintenance (By Erica) Costumes Return and Storage (By Barry) Self-Service Borrowing System Analysis Report
Information Systems
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort CC 3104
Business Information System - world-class entertainment & wonderful experience
Need budget to maintain its quality of services
E.G. GUS system, RFID technology  High production cost
But maintain its services better Porter’s Four Competitive Strategies Competitive Advantages Presented by Chan Ching Yuen Bryan
Chan Hei Tung Erica
So Wing Yin Kathy
Yeung Ho Lok Barry
Yuen Wing Yan Bertha Name CostuMagic (A Self-service Costume Borrow System) Application - RFID Barcode - Staff's Costumes
(Except Special Costumes) Name Garment Utilization System (GUS) Applications - Record History about
Borrowing and Returning Costumes - In Self-service Costume Borrow Process Views of Seniors - User-friendly in Costumes Borrow Process
- Better Management on Costumes by Using RFID Technique
- Seeking for Better Communication Views of Managers Views of Costume Assistants - Reuse of Bar Code Label
- Not a 1-Time-Use Label Views of Cast Members - Improve Convenience of Staff Attendance Process Both Cast Members & Costume Assistants
- Too Slow
( Self-service Borrow System )
High-tech Company
Hong Kong Disneyland Not Only Rely on People
Rely on Hardware
Software - Old Version OS (Windows XP)
- Slow Processing Speed (Database)
- System Crack Down (Costumes Borrow Process)
Limited Hardware RFID Technology Inaccurate Record of Attendance
- Not Applicable for Expensive Costumes The Porter’s Five Forces Model - Maintain Quality of Services
e.g. GUS system, RFID technology
High Pricing Strategy General Admission Ticket: HK$399
Child Ticket: HK$285
Senior Ticket: HK$100
Admission Ticket Reasons - Provide World-Class
Entertainment &Wonderful Experience
Competitive Strategy
- Information systems not directly related to the customers - Operation on Costume Management Runs Smoothly Chance of Error Matching on Costumes
- Use of Information Systems
makes Cast Members’ Services Better
- RFID Technology
- Easier to Trace and Locate 1. Improved Efficiency on Managing Costumes
Strengths 2. Integrated System – GUS System
- Instant Update of Records (IDs, Costumes Status)
- Shared Database
Strengths 3. Fasten Borrowing Process
- Costumes are Embedded RFID Tags
- Improves the Efficiency in Locating Costumes  - CANNOT Prevent Burglaries
from Covetous Cast Members REASON
3. Lack of Attractions  Launch of Two New Theme Sites
(The Toy Story Land & Grizzly Gulch)
* Visitors still Think the Size of HKDL is Too Small * Impact
2. Competitor - Ocean Park Ocean Park
5.9 Million Visitors 7.1 Million
Visitors Ocean Park Annual Report
2011/12 Comparison 4. Air Pollution
- Firework Display Every Night - Causes Air Pollution
- Affects the Environment & Citizens Impact
aboutOurCompany/AnnualBusinessReview11.pdf - Matched with its Mission & Vision Create
Superior Experience Present
World-Class Entertainment Hong Kong Disneyland 2. Add Value through its IS
- Costumes Managing - Automated Process Getting Invoice after Receiving Costumes
- Avoid any Arguments about the Status of Costumes in Future - Keep the Invoice as a Record Make Improvements on Smart Cards
Frequent Update of Hardware/Software
Q&A - Helpful

- The Porter's Five Forces Model
& Competitive Advantages
- Strengths & Risks
- Recommendation
- Conclusion - Business Information
- Business Flows
- Information Resources
- Information Participants
- Five Component Model
- Possible Problems Role Business Information System Analysts
of the Costume Department Vision & Mission (By Business Analysts) - Good and Helpful
- Better Service
e.g. Disney Haunted Halloween
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