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Atlantic Ocean Food Web

No description

Isabelle Hanna

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Atlantic Ocean Food Web

Manatees- aquatic mammals with a rounded tail flipper, living in shallow coastal waters. Herbivores.
Humpback Whales- a baleen whale with a hump and white flippers. Omnivore.
Sea Lions- eared seals. Omnivore.
Atlantic Ghost Crab- Ocypode quadrata type of crab. Carnivore.
Starfish- a marine echinoderm with five arms. Omnivore.
Penguins- a large flightless seabird known for it's markings. Carnivore
Green Sea Turtle- a large sea turtle. Omnivore
Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin- a stout-bodied dolphin with a distinct short beak. Omnivore.
Fungus- any of a group of unicellular or multicellular organisms
Marine worms- Any worm that lives in a marine environment
Sea slugs- a shell-less marine mollusk that is typically brightly colored
Atlantic Ocean
Food Web

Phytoplankton- Plankton consisting of microscopic plants.
Kelp- a brown seaweed that typically has a long, tough stem and roots.
Seaweed/Algae- a simple plant that contains chlorophyll but lacks true stems, roots and leaves.
Sea Lions
Ghost Crab
Sea Turtles
Bottlenose Dolphins
Marine Fungus
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