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Cesar Chavez Denise Macedo

No description

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of Cesar Chavez Denise Macedo

Cesar Chavez
Who Was Cesar Chavez?

Labor Organizer
- A person who gets people together to join a group called a union

- Workers who come together to meet common goals
Union Leader
- A person who represents union members to get better pay, better work environment
Farm Workers

- People who work in the fields gathering fruits and vegetables
Working Conditions -
The details of a person's work environment (noise level, work expectations, amount of safety or danger)
According to History.com,
Cesar Chavez was a "prominent union leader and labor organizer".

According to Biography.com, Chavez,"brought the national awareness to the dangers of pesticides to workers' health". Meaning, Cesar told everyone about the dangerous health effects of farm workers handling crops treated with unsafe chemicals.
Cesarslastfast.com tells us, Cesar had union meetings in secret places such as "garages and back yards".
Farm Workers often worked many hours in the hot sun, without bathrooms breaks, and without clean water for drinking. According to the book Cesar Chavez, clean water and work breaks were "a top priority" for the union leader.
Unanswered Questions ???
Why do farm owners make us believe farm workers look like this, when they don't?
Why can't farm owners treat farm workers the way they would want to be treated?
Why don't farm owners pay farm workers more money? Where does all the extra money go?

The next time you see fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator, think about how hard someone worked to bring those fruits and vegetables from the farm, to the market, and to your house.
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