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Neel Patel

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Landfills

Presentation created by:
Neel Patel
Bless Antwi!

what is a land fill?
a landfill is basically a dump (not really). the difference is that a dump is just open and a land fill is actually made underground. the land fill construction process takes a long time and has many layers in it. some of the layers are
soil, rock, earth, sand, gravel,
Their are many ways of improving a landfill but people just don't want to follow them.
1. One way to improve a landfill is to throw all recycling materials in the recycling. This will make more use of recycling and will lower make the landfill more empty. Less landfills means less chemical hazards. When anything enters the waste transfer station nothing will get sorted out (not even recycling).
2. the second way to improve a landfill is to use rechargeable batteries and and do not garbage to much heavy metals. This is because (in the video) the chemicals can seep out because of heavy metals and this can cause harm to the environment. Heavy metals are made out of a thing (chemical) called mercury and mercury can cause chemicals to seep out into the environment if it gets wet (rain). If chemicals go in the water there will barely be any water for us to drink.
3. The third way is to lower the garbage that the garbage truck collects. this is the main reason because the average person contributes in putting 4.5 pounds of garbage each day. If we were to measure the weight of Ontario's garbage per day it would be (population of Ontario is 13 510 000 so you 13 510 000× 4.5= 60 795 000 pounds) 60795000 pounds. To reduce garbage you should reduce, reuse, and recycle.
have you ever thought about landfills and how they harm humans. well today's your lucky day. Bless and I will be teaching you all about landfills and how they can harm the human environment. first of all you guys might be wondering what is a landfill?
how to improve a landfill?

if you want to improve a land fill their are many ways but the question is "Will you apply them?"
interesting facts about a landfill
1. More than 85 percent of electronic waste is buried on the land landfill.
2. There are more than 25 billion bottles and jars used by the canadian people every year.
3. There are disposable diapers in the landfills. A baby will use at least 8,000 pieces.
4. 20 000 to 50 000 kilograms of electronic waste is disposed worldwide every year.
5. Only 12.5 percent of electronic waste is currently recycled.
we hope you learned a lot about landfills and will contribute in the 3 ways to reduce trash and prevent chemicals from seeping out.
Thank you for listening to our presentation.
What components to add so chemicals don't seep out
1. Since chemicals seep out because of water making the landfill wet their should be more pipes at the top of landfill so it absorbs mostly all the water. If we do this chemicals will not go in water or other freshwater areas. If their is no chemicals people and wildlife have a less chance of dieing (toxins can also come from landfills if heavy metals are wet). We could cover the landfill with glass from all directions so the chemicals don't have a chance to go any where.
to prevent toxins we could design these type of pipes that would absorb toxic (1 kilometer radius),
2. If we don't want chemicals to seep out we should find a way to decompose everything faster. since fungi decomposes organic mater the fastest we should plant a lot of fungi before a landfill is fill up and when it gets filled up and layered out with the layer of soil we should plant another layer of fungi on top of it. If we do this than we could have garbage, compost and organic waste decompose at a faster rate. Bacteria also helps decompose so we can fill the landfill with things that have a lot of bacteria on them so the bacteria can reproduce rapidly. If the garbage can decompose faster than there is a less chance for chemicals to seep out.
Presentation created by Neel Patel
and Bless Antwi.
source: search up landfills on google and all links are the source.
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