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A Glimpse Into My Classroom

A look into my classroom

Lea Harris

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of A Glimpse Into My Classroom

Language Arts Includes Novel Based Reading Instruction and Daily 5 Rotations
In this lesson we are studying geometry and using the IPads to find examples of geometric figures around the school. We will make this into a EBook and email it to our parents.
Math Games
Writing Workshop
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A Glimpse Into My Classroom
Novel Based Reading Instruction
The students read a
variety of text and participate in authentic reading discussions while using comprehension strategies that all writers and readers would
naturally do.
Student Led Discussion Over Class Novel
Daily 5 Rotation

Read to Partner
A system that involves a series of literacy tasks which students complete daily. The tasks include Read to Self, Read to Partner, Work on Writing, Listen to Reading, and Word Work. The students choose the order in which they complete each task and I conference with children individually or in groups.
Read to Self
Listen to Reading
Daily 5
in action
Word Work
Work on Writing
We begin with a whole group lesson then practice the math skill. There is always time for closure or reflection at the end.
After the lesson the children start math games. Each game reinforces math skills being taught in class.
Other Classroom Activities
Morning Message
This morning the students are finding parts of speech in our poem of the week. Each child is engaged as they activote on the answers.
Third grade has a blog that keeps parents informed and lets children comment on their learning.
Writing Workshop includes:
a mini-lesson
independent writing
conferring with students

We have class meetings and bonding time on Friday breakfast days.
Friday Breakfast
Thanks for visiting the classroom!
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