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How to learn Programming the hard way

How to learn Programming the hard way

Swapneel Patnekar

on 26 February 2011

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Transcript of How to learn Programming the hard way

How to learn Programming
the Hard Way. Introduction. Say Cheese ! Testimonials Mom: He is the best son-presenter of this century. Dad: Steve Jobs @ Maruti Galli, Belgaum. Sister: He doesn't deserve to be on stage! Wife:He needs to get a life. Fundamental Problem. Programming languages rarely taught: LISP, Django, Haskell, Scala etc. FUD[Fear,Uncertanity & Doubt]: Pay to learn a new programming language. Delibrate
Practice. Solution. Programming for fun & Profit. Urbanbuzz. Got an itch, will scratch. Resources. Learn Python the hard way by Zed Shaw. VirtualBox. Open Source Code Sponsorships. Contact: Email: swapneel@eth1.in Twitter: twitter.com/eth1networks Voice: 0831 4205679
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