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Mason Jones

on 18 June 2018

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Transcript of Flint

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What is happening?
In 2014 Michigan changed its water source because of financial problems. But then they found out that Flint water had lead in it because of the lead pipes in 2015.

The lead/water ratio is double that of the normal amount in kids. For 4 years Flint has had critical
levels of lead. Efforts have been taken to
replace the pipes with new ones.

The pipes are made out of lead and the water has sodium. This makes the water have high levels of lead in it.
The Solution
Flint absolutely needs to replace their pipes. They're old, rusted, toxic, and corroded. Flint needs to change their water source from the river, back to the KWA distribution. The water source is what is corroding the old pipes, which in turn harms the citizens.

Who is Affected?
People in Flint need clean water daily. Water is used for almost anything. The people in Flint are reliant on bottled water, to do everything from drinking to bathing.
Flint switches their water source from the KWA (Karegnondi Water Authority) to their Flint River on April 25, 2014.
The KWA is a local Mid-Michigan water distributor.
The Flint river suffered decades of pollution, and has extremely high levels of chlorides.
These chlorides corrode the lead pipes.
The chlorides aren't a direct threat to the human body, but the corrosion of lead damages us.
The people start reporting foul taste/odor by May.
By August, E. coli is detected in the water.

Records of Flint lead/water ratio are thrown out, so the state can continue its water program.
By September kids are reported to have double the amount of lead within them.
General Motors cuts off their connection to the Flint River, fearing that it may cause corrosion in the vehicle.

Why is it Happening?
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