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Elements, compunds and mixtures

Elements Compounds and Mixtures

Justin Pazder

on 11 May 2012

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Transcript of Elements, compunds and mixtures

Elements, and mixtures What are elements, compounds and mixtures?
Where do they come from? This is a periodic table of elements.
We have classified all the elements into a sorting system.
Hydrogen, Phosphorus, Silver, Iron, Cobalt, Lead, Uranium and many more are all elements. There is a symbol for every element on
the periodic table. ounds Comp A compound is a pure substance of two or more elements. These two elements can be broken down into their separate states. Water is a compound, Consisting of 2 Hydrogen and one Oxygen, hence H20. Hydrogen Hydrogen Oxygen Mixtures Bet you didn't know there are different types of mixtures Mixtures are made up of a 2 or more types atoms or particles. There are two different types of mixtures homogeneous or heterogeneous. A heterogeneous mixture is a type of mixture where the components can easily be identified, as there are two or more different elements. Air is heterogeneous because it has more than just oxygen. Air also has amounts of Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and other small amounts of substances The heterogeneous mixture must also have all its components keep their scientific states, as sand in water, the sand small grains of rock and noticeably visible, and the water is still its same old H20 mixture A homogenous mixture is a mixture where the substances are formed together, as in when sugar disolves in water and is distributed throughout the whole, its a homogenous mixture By understanding the elements, compounds and mixtures we can explain and predict how matter will react
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