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Hello Mexico!

International Artists Exchange in Puebla, Mexico

Sonia Marcinkiewicz

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Hello Mexico!

Why right for the Artists ?
...but it´s not the only way how
supports society every day...
Some words from our artists...
Who we're looking for?
Young (19-29 years old) people:
Folkloric dance groups
Painters (in various techniques)

...and other artists who would like to share with us their talent, passion and willingness to change the world we live on!

What can we offer?
...but also gorgeous cities!
Why Mexico?
Beautiful, multicultural country
Very open-minded, friendly and hospitable people
country full of the colours and tastes!
surrounded by 2 big oceans (Pacific and Atlantic)

Delicious and various food!
Incredible beaches!
Puebla has much to offer...
What is Comuniarte?
In a really low prices:
Transport (internal, external)
Excursions to the most famous and beautiful places like Mexico City, Veracruz or Chiapas
International Artists Exchange

is the organisation which helps the urban artists in Puebla.
It was founded by Arturo Vieyra 5 years ago in the purpose of helping urban artists finding a place where they could express theirselves and do their art legally (graffiti still forbiden on the streets)

until these days has a real big impact in the transformation of the local area, and supports many young, talented and emerging artists with their career path carring out projects such as:

Puerto Vallarta
Yucatan Peninsula
Mexico City (capital)
Puebla is a big beautiful city situated around 100km from the Mexico City
On the 546 km sq. there are 2 millions inhabitants!
Recognisable from its big amount of churches, known as a"Mexican Vatican City"
(different types)
Video of Guanajuato
Cholula region with church on the mountain!
Barrio del Artista
City center
especially when it comes to arts....
Puebla, as a big mexican city with many districts under the World Heritage UNESCO List and beautiful, untouched buildings, it is the one of the most important cultural heritage of Mexico.

Such a conditions make it much more attractive for the artists, who can express theirselves in a different ways, performing on the streets as well as in many cultural institutions

Here are also many talented Artists who You could co-operate with, take and and also give some inspiration
A little bit about Mexican artists
, plenty of people has a significant impact in the Art and Culture, working in the cultural associations and institutions. They are creative and very sensible for the art, what makes this country very miscellaneous and original.

Comparing to the e.g Europe, our country has a tangible demographic bonus, which is still underused.
Nevertheless, certainly this is a perfect country for those Artists who would like to ...
develop theirs artistic skills,
explore some new techniques,
find some inspiration for the further work
help social communities to change area they live on
and...of course contact with a lot of Artists all over the world

Everything can take place in one time...right here!
In Puebla everything has an artistic accent ! ;)
Thank You for Attention!
Do not miss the chance to expand art and explore magic Mexico!
Opening of the Urban Artists House with an art gallery:
30 different artists, varied techniques and styles
all the place was restored by 20 young artists with paintings on the walls (indoors and outdoors)
contemporary dance presentation and music concert (200 visitants)
output: 9 months since the opening this place has benefit 97 different urban artists, 147 people had been participated in workshops, 758 people in total

Dance classes for the youngest
handmade jewellery workshops for women
English classes
Arturo Vieyra with children
here would be good to put invitation video of all the artists!
performances on the principal stages in Puebla
free food and Internet
free spanish lessons
free entrance to the best museums in Puebla
place to show Your exposition in the most popular places in Puebla
For more information: LINK TO THE job offer
We hope to see You here!
<iframe src="http://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/35659705" width="476" height="400" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
various artistic workshops of e.g folkloric mexican dance, mexican food, painting workshops etc
also foreginers help the organisation, taking part in our projects
Video de Guerro, Acapulco
María de los Ángeles Félix Guereña
famous film actress
main roles: Doña Bárbara (1943), La Valentina (1966) etc.
completed a film career: 47 films made inter all: Mexico, Spain, France, Italy and Argentina
Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes (Cantinflas)
famous comic film actor, producer, and screenwriter
has been referred to as the "Charlie Chaplin of Mexico"
best known for her self-portraits
in her work:Mexican and Amerindian cultural tradition were important (sometimes characterized as naïve art or folk art)
Frida Kahlo
Isacc Hernández
famous young balerin dancer
studied in a famous dance schools, as: FONCA, México; The Rock School for Dance Education in Filadelfia, E.E.U.U. and in American Ballet Theatre
awarded in many dance compettion
Vicente Fernández
famous singer, actor and film producer
started his career singing for tips on the street
his gift to use his melodramatic voice has no comparison
Roberto Gómez Bolaños (Chespirito)
screenwriter, actor, comedian, film director, television director, playwright, songwriter
More information about Comuniarte (klick twice on the LINK)
unique place for the young artist interested in sustainable art,
conferences, artistic performances and presentations will be shown by all the urban and emerging artists,
conducting 5 formative workshops (1 year): live career path, develop an artistic service for sale, artistic production with quality, cultural and environmental rights and how to register their job author rights, recycle to produce eco art jobs.
support young people in their first steps in artistic career,

Eco Urban Theatre
will be built with bamboo and recycle ecological materials (donatations: voluntary labour of young architects and industrial designers from different universities and external support)
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