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The Red Cross Focus-groep

No description

Tony de Wolf

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of The Red Cross Focus-groep

Marketing Communication - Age between 18-35 - Possibility for students to distinguish themselves;
- Both beneficial for the Red Cross and the students;
- New Idea for a New Target Group: Innovative;
- High Realisability; After the build-up - Studying in 's´Hertogenbosch or surroundings - Communication manager function only for internship Minimum of 7 uneven number of members
Equal division of sex amongst the members
Equal division of ancestry amongst the members

Two exeptional roles: Chairman and Communication manager At the build-up - Second or third year students of Avans University - Availability of minimum 20 weeks Communication manager is the link between
The Red Cross Board and The Youth Council Idea 1 Better use of social media - Improve their website - Be active in social networks  Idea 2 Partner up with Divers - To integrate more intensively with the target groups - To gain more knowledge in 's-Hertogenbosch Idea 3 Youth council Avans University * Students: to send their motivation letter and CV
* Updating of Blackboard
* Create room for presentations of the Red Cross The Red Cross 's-Hertogenbosch *Select the candidates for building up the focus group
*Start the first contact between Red Cross <->Avans University
*Responsible for the intern Mission

How to reach the students:
Voluntary culture Benchmark moment What are Juvans, Divers, de Zonnebloem and MEE doing?

The Tools the competitors use:
Juvans; Partners incl. Divers; Phone, E-mail and Website
Divers; Universities Den Bosch and Juvans, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
Zonnebloem; Partner NUON foundation and Social Media Facebook, Hyves and Twitter
MEE; Only offline tools, Email and Website. Message Marketing communication goals
Reachgoal: 75% of the estimated 12.000 2nd and 3rd year students should be aware of the Youth council within a year.

Processgoal: Determined by Red Cross and Avans

Effectgoal: 100 applications in the first year, 20 interviews, 7 volunteers Strategy;
Two-sided positioning, play on to the values of the students, give info as well.

Expansion of the corporate network, Personal Growth, Certificate/Recognition, Experience mentioned on Curriculum Vitea and Experience Marketing
Communication Online Tools
Email Offline Tools
Cinema Advertisement
Punt Magazine
Informational Lectures Requirements
•The red cross logo•The slogan of this campaign•The logos of the various schools•The purpose of this campaign•What can be achieved for the student by joining the youth council•Contact information of the Red Cross and relevant persons in the schools•How can they sign up for the youth council Budget
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