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Short and Long Vowels

20 vocab words using short and long vowels with a picture and sentence.

McKinley Powell

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Short and Long Vowels

Short and Long Vowels
Reading Foundation Skills Standard 2:
Demonstrate understanding of spoken of words, syllables, and sounds

Objective 1
Distinguish long from short vowel sounds in spoken single-syllable words e i Short and Long Vowels a CAP
I wear a CAP to the ballgame. CAPE
Superman wears a CAPE. SKATE
I fall down when I SKATE. HAND
Ted waves with his HAND. MEN
The MEN walked down the road. NEST
I saw a bird's NEST in the tree. BEET
The BEET tastes good. SEED
I planted the SEED in the ground. HILL
I walked up the big hill. LID
The garbage can has a LID on it. SLIDE
I went down the fun SLIDE. DIVE
I like to DIVE into the water. o LOG
I sat on the LOG to rest. SPOT
The ladaybug has a big SPOT. BONE
The dog ate his BONE. ROSE
The ROSE was very pretty. u TUB
I like to play in the TUB NUT
The NUT was brown. MULE
The MULE is smaller than a horse.
My toothpaste comes in a TUBE.
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