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Prairie Region (Interior Plains)

No description

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Prairie Region (Interior Plains)

Popular type of rocks in interior plains.
We can commonly found the rock named sedimentary rocks.
Prairie Region (Interior Plains)
Location of interior plains
Interior plains is located in Western Canada and prairies comprise the province of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. It is a vast stretch of land between British Columbia and Ontario.
Largest cities and population in the region.
Introduce tourist destinations.
1. Calgary stampede.
2. Calgary zoo.
3. Calgary tower.
4. Edmonton valley zoo.
5. Fort Edmonton park.
6. Drum heller
About interior plains
Any natural resources found in interior plains.
Explain the climate and vegetation of interior plain.
The interior plains is a large region in Canada.
It is fairly flat, with low hills.
The Interior Plains has areas of grassland, wooded parkland, and large northern forests.
There are Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg and these are three major cities in interior plains.
1. Calgary(Alberta):988,195
2. Edmonton(Alberta):730,375
3. Winnipeg(Manitoba):633,450
Calgary tower
Edmonton Park
Calgary zoo
Sedimentary rock
Major bodies of water in interior plains.
1. Slave river
2. Saskatchewan river
3. Red river
4. Churchill river
5. Lake Winnipeg
Slave river
Saskatchewan rivers
Red rivers
Lake Winnipeg
Churchill river
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General topography on the interior plains.
Fairly flat with low hills. Areas of grassland, wooded parkland, and large northern forests.

1. Oil and gas
2. coal
3. salt
4. gypsum
5. potash
6. Forests rich soil
Described as dry and windy, semi-arid climates in the brown soil regions with long summer days and long cold winters. Manitoba is the most humid of the three prairie provinces.

Plants are perennials, mostly grasses, associated with sedges, forbs (nongrasslike herbaceous plants) and a few dwarf shrubs.

Famous people in interior plains.
Not you Mr. Robinson!!!!!!
1. Mr.Graham
2. Ms.B
3. Mr.Berkal
4. Ms.E
5. Mr.Warner
6. Ms.Varga
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