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Reality Fair '10

No description

Hope Benz

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Reality Fair '10

Reality Fair 2010 Hope Benziger Grade 8
Room 308 Top 3 Careers: Marketing, Sales & Service.
Law, Public Safety.
Transportation, Distribution. Career: Prenatal Nursing. Reasoning: Working Enviornment: Hospital/Nursery Average Begining Job Salary: $89,916 Reference Lists: www.bls.gov/oco http://vcc.asu.edu/ccis.index.php Job Outlook: The mothers' of new borns need care before, during, and after birth, along with the baby, as well. Responsibilities: They are important to expecting mothers, and the newborns after birth. The feeling of working with
newborns during and ater birth
is exciting and how
unbearably cute they are. Related Careers Obstetrician,
Early childhood nurse.
www.iwu.edu/nursing/ Education Needed: Doctorates degree in nursing
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