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No description

Karli West

on 12 February 2016

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Transcript of Deadly

Prudence Galewski
Prudence Galewski quit school to take a job. She is a bright 16 year old who is always looking forward to working with Mr. Soper.
Mary Mallon
Mary Mallon is a very stubborn, short tempered lady. She is a healthy carrier of Typhoid and got put in quarantine.
Brief Summary
Prudence Galewski quits school to take a job with Mr. Soper, hoping to find out what is causing Typhoid to spread, and to stop it. They caught Mary Mallon, who was a healthy carrier of Typhoid, and went through a long hard process to test her. Mary got put in quarantine and got the nickname 'Typhoid Mary'
Typhoid Bacteria
Typhoid was a deadly disease in Deadly, as well as real life, in the 1900's
Mr. Soper is Prudence's boss. He is serious and friendly. Mr. Soper has a great personality, and is very smart.
Marm is Prudence's mother. her husband went to war and died of yellow Fever. She is a kind, thoughtful young woman.
Typhoid up close
Mr. Soper
Anushka is Prudence's best friend. She lives on a farm far from Prudence. Anushka is a kind, thoughtful friend.
Why should you read Deadly?
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