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A presentation for High School Students

Cheryl Russell

on 24 January 2011

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Transcript of Cyberbullying

Stand Up and Represent!
What is Cyberbullying Anyway?
In relation to:
Don't set yourself up!
You Have Power!
Do You Know Who Your "Friends " Are?
When did you last check
out the privacy settings on
your account?
your pictures?
The Internet is no
place for SECRETS!
or DO-OVERS on-line!
Who's got YOUR back?
They can't help if you won't let them...
Don't think of the
Net as your journal...the world
is watching...
Is your "PERSONAL" info
Speak UP!
Don't post anything on line you wouldn't
hang up in the cafeteria or say at
Christmas Dinner!
Tagging - a game you might not
walk away from with your reputation
intact....it's YOUR future!
Are You A
Let's see...
Let it STOP with You!
think before you type/post
Don't forward hurtful messages
report abusers
use your "backup"
help those who can't see
any way to help themselves
Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe
Catch a Bully by...???
collect proof!
The person you bullied yesterday
in 15 years might be:
Your child's teacher
Your boss
Your neighbour
The person
with the power
to save your life

Think About It!!!
It's a screen...
not a forcefield...
Make A Difference!
Stand Up!
Fight for a Cause!
Today you are part of somebody's history. They might forget what you've
said, but they'll never forget the way
you made them feel!!!
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