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No description

Heather Blake

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Gavin

Gavin Robinson Favorites Me Family My favorite stuff to do is watch wrestling. I am a big wrestling fan I love to play tennis, and watch baseball. My favorite outside activity is to jump on my trampoline. My favorite school subject is World war 2 My name is Gavin Ray Robinson, I am 11 at the time I made this, and i love to study wars, I am a technolgy geek, and is good reading and math. I love my school, Cleaveland Elemantry. I am in 5th grade and have the BEST teachers in my 4 years of going to Cleaveland. I live with my Dad and my brother. My dad is 37 on May 6th. My brother is 17 at the time. My mom doesnt live with me, but she is 36.
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