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Yahoo! Marketing Strategy Analysis

No description

bcmarketing yahoo

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Yahoo! Marketing Strategy Analysis

James Gallo
Emily Kaiser
Gabriella Myaskovskaya
Corey Steiner Introduction External Environment Future Marketing Strategy Create a super-site
Change image with new advertising
Yahoo! Click Away!
Reduce to 14 core properties and incorporate interconnectivity
Redefine target customer (16-34)
Mobile expansion
Extend Partnerships
"All in One Experience" Founded at the forefront of the world wide web movement: 1995
Jerry Yang and David Filo
"Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle"
28 different internet properties
4.99 million dollars in revenue and 13,900 employees
Current Problem: Declining revenue due to significant loss of market share
Focus: User side of Yahoo!'s business 32.7% global population and 80% North American population are active online
Most active are millennial generation: ages 18-34
Individual internet users quadrupled over past 10 yrs
Most internet usage is moving to portable devices (Laptops, smartphones, tablets)
Shift to mobile advertising
Increase in customer expectations for innovation and constantly improving quality 72% Market Share
55% Mobile Ad Revenue 700 million active users
Holds largest market share for social networking 25% of search market share Current Marketing Strategy Mission is to provide entertainment and communication to users
2 Main Goals:
Increase Market Share
Redefine Mobile Strategy
Retention of existing customer through innovation
New home page, Yahoo Mail, Flickr
Variety of properties led to diverse target customers
Positioning: Claims to be one of the most recognizable brands in the world (10K)
Sales vertically integrated around advertiser segments
The 4 P's: Marketing Strategy Critique Lack of a specific business goal
Large spectrum of products (spread out too thin)
Not interconnecting different properties
Lack of advertising
Too heavily rely on word of mouth Conclusions Loss of market share
fell behind market
too many properties
inconsistent management
Need new interconnected site
condense site
increase advertising
Venture into Mobile
Lesson: Over-expansion is dangerous and dilutes the company's image QUESTIONS? THANK YOU! The 4 P's: Price Product Place value-based strategy

B2B transaction

Price only affects advertising but is highly correlated to site traffic

Employs personal selling 28 Properties

Core property: Yahoo! Search

Many lead their respective categories in EUMV Vertically integrated channel design

Partnerships (i.e. Apple, Bing, NBC Sports)

Short channel length Trying for TOM awareness

Expansion, innovation and press releases

Key Partnerships

Working for transparency and heavily rely on word of mouth Promotion
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