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Score conversion-CogAT

No description

Laurie Ann Lawrence

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Score conversion-CogAT

Converting CogAT Scores Add up the correct number of items for all three sections of the subtest This is your "raw score;" you will have three sections for each subtest.
Each section will be normed separately. You must calculate the student's
age to the month Remember the rules for calculating the
month... Once it is converted, you will obtain the
Universal Scaled Score. Each subtest has its
own tables. Use the Universal Scaled
Score to find the
Age Score Locate the SAS by finding the students' age
range, and reading down to the appropriate
U.S.S. Follow across to the sides to locate the
Standard Age Score (S.A.S.) To find the
National Percentile Rank (N.P.R.)... Use Table 32 Since there are THREE
subtests, you will have THREE separate raw scores. Each subtest has 3 sections. Convert the
raw score... Each test has different conversion scores. Be sure to use the correct test level to find the conversion score. Each test level is identified with either a number or a letter. Use the U.S.S. to locate the S.A.S.
for each of the subtests. You will have three distinct scores. These will then be averaged to find the Composite score
Verbal-Table 2
Quantitative-Table 7
Non-Verbal-Table 12
Composite (V+Q+NV) Table 16 To find the Composite
Score.... Average the U.S.S. and divide by 3.
Use Table 16 in the manual to locate the S.A.S. in the same manner. Converting Raw Scores
Universal Scaled Scores Use Table 1 for Verbal
Use Table 6 for Quantitative
Use Table 11 for Non-verbal Locate the Standard Age Score (SAS) and read across to identify the NPR.
Do this for all three subtests, and for the Composite (V+Q+NV) Use AGE, not GRADE
to find U.S.S.! Reminder!
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