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Vaccination Validation

No description

Jessica Freeman

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Vaccination Validation

Vaccination Validation
What has vaccinations done for society?
Prevent millions of deaths
Prevent a massive spread of dangerous illnesses
Made some diseases obsolete such as polio aome forms of bacterial meningitis.
What happens without vaccines?
Can ultimately spread disease and kill millions.
Not getting one child vaccinated puts many at risk.
Because of epidemiology, they are trying to make new laws resulting in charges of homicide.
Can be considered utterly selfish.
Are side effects always that bad?
I would choose my daughter with a fever and even alopecia all over her body, rather than live without her.
Some diseases that have a vaccine DO NOT have a cure. (Polio, and smallpox)
Do vaccines cause autism?
This rumor was started by a man named Andrew Wakefield because he was being paid by lawyers to alter his findings in a study. He later retracted his statement saying there was no conclusive evidence to prove this theory and ultimately lost his license to practice medicine.
What do you think?
Do you risk the life of your child for the belief that vaccines are bad?
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