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Fischer Kristóf

No description

Kristof Fischer

on 31 December 2016

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Transcript of Fischer Kristóf

Fischer Kristóf
Where I live...
--> Pécsvárad
The old town
Small town (4000 habitants) situated in the southernmost county of Hungary, Baranya.
--> Pécs
The main square
I was born in Pécs, and my high school is in the city as well.
(20 kms from Pécsvárad)
My home...
I live with my family in a detached house,
in the old town. We moved here in 1997.
My home last winter
People around me...
With my classmate, Szonja, with whom I share a lot of common memories, as we were always the 2 from the class who participated in 3rd language classes (Russian and Chinese)
With my classmate, Betti in France - 2012
My family during our vacation in Italy in 2013
With my best friend, Marci in 2012
School days...
I'm attending a high school in Pécs , which is quite famous in the city and has a really good reputation in the country.

I'm in the French-Hungarian bilingual section (5 years), which means that aside from French language classes, I have to learn several subjects and pass exams in French (maths, history, geography, drama, philosophy, social science etc...)
I'll have my final exams in May-June 2014, after which hopefully I'll get my C1 language exam paper of the French language.
Vivien & Sára, with whom I spend most of my
time during school days
Sports and leisure
When I was a child, we used to go swimming with my sister, but when I became older, I avoided all kinds of sport. 3 years ago I recognized the importance of physical and mental health, so I started running and swimming, and I still do these sports quite regularly.
I participated in a swimming competition in my hometown in October 2013 and my team won the relay race.
I also like going hiking and cycling, which I do quite often when the weather is nice - not only in sunny weather, because the word 'nice' means much more to me. I'm also a "fan" of dark, misty weather.
I'd say my main hobby is photography. I'm lucky to have been asked to present some of my photos in different exhibitions in my hometown.
When it comes to photography, I'm quite open-minded. I like taking photos of nature, people, buildings. Sometimes I'd like to capture the functioning of nature and life around me. What I find very important in photos is that they should transmit a certain feeling. A feeling, a scent, or a sound, maybe an emotion. I prefer dark / grey photos, but I can find the same happiness in taking a bright and sunny photo, so it doesn't really matter.

For me the process of photography consists of 2 parts; the first is taking the photo, and the second is editing it (with Photoshop, or other programs), which I find just as important as the first part.
Here I'd like to show you some of my work:
There's quite a lot of things that interest me, mostly in the field of arts and languages:
Wales 2009
Wales 2009
Wales 2009
Paris 2013
Belgium 2012
Venice 2012
Montenegro 2013
Pécs 2012
near Pécsvárad 2013
in our garden 2012
Pécs 2011
PARIS 2013
IDEA International Drama/Theatre and Education Congress
Overcoming Gender Stereotypes
/Youth In Action/
With Jamie and Lujza in Paris, wearing our blue T-shirt with the badge which represent that we're volunteers.
Doing social work in Kamëz, Albania. We made several posters about gender equality and hung up an advertisement in the street.
Culture & arts...
Arts play a very significant role in my life. Music, movies, photography as mentioned before, and other kinds of fine art.
MOVIES; I prefer thrillers, dramas to comedies, and I always say that the end of a movie is not the end. On the contrary, because when a movie ends you start to reflect about all the things the movie meant to you.
MUSIC; In the last few years I have found the artists (mostly Scandinavian and British) who are my all time favourites. Their music and ideology helped me through difficult times as I'm listening to music very very often. I've been playing the clarinet for 8 years, and music itself has always played a very important role in my family.
DANCE; I like the expressiveness of different moves in dance and I think it has a lot in common with psychology, how a simple move can transmit something to others without saying anything.
Competitions / prizes...
Despite the fact that I don't like competition- / exam situations I achieved some success in the last few years. This is the 3rd year that I was qualified for the statewide round of a French competition - this year I was qualified to the second round as nr. 15 in the country.
C1 language exam in English (2013)
I also participated in a lot of musical competitions, in local- and statewide level as well (clarinet).
Good qualities...
I think my best quality is that I'm always ready to listen others complaining about sg, try to understand and help them
Ability to approach things in a different way:
I think there's an explanation for most things, and one has to consider more than just one aspect when talking about problems, etc...

& philosophy
Sometimes I find myself sitting and reflecting about a better world. I guess I know the means to 'fight' for it, but sometimes I don't have the courage to stand out for my thoughts. What I find the most important is the acceptance of people of different religious views, of different skin-colour and of different sexual identity. I think everyone should have the freedom to decide and live a life defined by their own values. This kind of tolerance would put an end to discrimination and some actual
Trips to foreign

I'm always ready for a trip abroad, I think it's something that can teach you a lot of things: to be autonomous and independent, to take the responsibility and you can also learn about cultures, languages, different lifestyles... Luckily I had the chance to go abroad quite often - mostly with school or friends, but sometimes with my family as well.
Here's the map of my travels:
Future plans
& ambitions...

When it comes to higher education, I'd like to learn Scandinavian languages and literature in Budapest and after I'd like to go abroad to study and then to settle there. I'm not quite sure about what I want to do once I've finished my studies, but I think I'll have possibilities with the languages I speak. I was thinking about making a living out of photography, but I'm not sure if I want to do it professionally. It's more like a hobby for me. But you can never know what the future holds, right?
Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and give a slight insight to my life!
Fischer Kristóf
I like playing around with Photoshop, and sometimes there's a really good result of this activity. It's like a product. I've been designing artworks, posters for my favourite movies; own photos mixed with digital elements, but sometimes all the photos that I play with are downloaded from the internet. Some of my work:
Poster designed for the movie 'Signs'. The background with the sky and the field is my own photo, but all the other elements (the house, the fonts, etc...) are downloaded from the internet and incorporated in the picture. The original photo is also edited with different layers in Photoshop. Made in 2011.
This is a project that I've been planning to make for a very long time. The original idea was to create a bizarre picture of myself mixed with my love for nature and mountains.
There were lots of volunteers from several countries, and we had to help people get to numbered rooms, who came to participate in the congress from every corner of the world. We had to communicate with them in English and French.
Our main activities were workshops, presentations, discussion in small groups about gender issues and equality, and making surveys on the street with local people.
My sending organization:
Fiatalok a Vidékért Egyesület
(2013-HU-84) - HUNGARY
--> contact:
, Telephone: +36 30 629 5452
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