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Portrayals: Movie vs Book

No description

Alyssa lippincott

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Portrayals: Movie vs Book

Portrayals: Movie vs Book

Michael Jr.
John Rooney (Looney)
-More Emotional and fatherly to Michael
-Connected with Michael Sr when they played the piano together.
Michael Sr.
In the movie Michael Sr. is portrayed to be more sympathetic.
Michael is more caring in the movie rather than the novel.
Confronted by Michael Jr. saying he was closer with Peter more than Michael.
In the book he kills a lot more people.
He's more regretful of his job in the movie
He never wants Michael JR. to follow in his footsteps
In the movie he was killed by Mcguire, in the book he was killed by a hit man.
In both the movie and the novel Michael wants to help his dad, and he wants to have a relationship with him.
Was shot in the forehead
In the movie he was in a bath rub in the book he wasn't.
Conner and his dad aren't together in the movie as much as they were in the book.
Michael and Peter have more of a connection in the movie vs the novel
-Cared more about himself
In the book he was in on the murder of his family.
-In the movie Michael goes to a church to find john but in the novel he found him at the hotel.
In the book he seems to be following his father's footsteps more.
He refuses to shoot Mcguire in the end.
in the book he becomes a preist at the end, in the movie he doesn't
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