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Unit 11:

P9 P10

Andrew Peggs

on 4 May 2017

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Transcript of Unit 11:

Potential future developments.
Outline at least
potential future developments in the cruise industry based on current industry trends. Evidence must be supported with articles, research papers, reports etc to substantiate each development.
Impacts on Cruise Areas.
Explain how one cruise itinerary impacts on one cruise area, its gateway ports and ports of call. Select one cruise area, e.g. western Mediterranean, and describe the impact of one cruise itinerary on the gateway ports and ports of call, e.g. Ibiza Town, Messina, Naples, Toulon, Barcelona. The impacts should be both positive and negative and can include economic, social and environmental impacts.
Responsible tourism in Galápagos
The Galápagos Islands National park was one of the first to be inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1978, so it was a shock when this wonderful, remote archipelago with its unique ecosystems was put on UNESCO’s "red list" of endangered sites in 2007, with concerns about booming population and tourism, overfishing and the introduction of invasive species. As a result of the Ecuadorian government plunging vast investments into building and supporting nature tourism here in the 1980s, tourism numbers went from 11,000 in 1979 to 180,000 in 2012. Most of them packed onto, what was thought at the time, to be the good, ecological answer: Floating hotels. Luckily, action was taken quickly; the number of boats reduced and the population boom of Ecuadorians coming to live here in order to cash in on the cruises has eased off, resulting in its UNESCO danger warning being removed in 2010.
Cruise Ports
Cruise ports can be divided into four main types:

Ports of call – the destinations that a cruise ship visits as part of its itinerary.
Ports of embarkation – the ports where passengers begin (and sometimes end) their cruise.
Home ports – the ports where a ship has its operating base.
Gateway ports – these are major entry, exit and transit points for passengers and freight

Thank you!
Understand the effects of an expanding cruise industry.
Potential future developments. (P9)

Impacts on Cruise Areas. (P10)
Merit Task
(M3 is a progression from P10 and you can use the same cruise area and itinerary or opt to use a different area and itinerary to generate your evidence).

Compare the negative and positive impacts of cruising on two different ports within the one cruise area. The comparison should be detailed and supported with other material such as pictorial, newspaper or web-based articles and statistics.
Unit 11:
Investigating the Cruise Industry

Understand the effects of an expanding cruise industry.
The impact of
cruise tourism in Belize
Concept Ships
What are the main themes at work here?
Competing with the traditional package holiday,
Larger ships,
Fuel efficient ships,
Environmental considerations including waste management systems,
Ship design (cabins and facilities),
New cruise areas,
UK port development
Potential future
You are the reporter!
Find out current news or information
Impacts of cruising
As with all sectors of the travel and tourism industry, cruising has both negative and positive impacts, particularly on the ports and cruise destinations visited by passengers.

Positive impacts include revenue for businesses in ports of call, creating jobs, helping economic and social development.

Negative impacts include damage to fragile environments, pollution, strain on water and other natural resources in ports of call.
Impacts of Cruising
What are the benefits to:
The cruise passengers
The Inuit people
What are the potential negatives?
In pairs - feedback
Cruise Ports
Did you know that Wales has 6 Ports of Call?
3 of which will be used in
2015 as part of UK itineraries
What are the 6 ports?
Which 3 are being visited in 2015 and by whom?
What attractions are available?
See Handout
The Belize Ecotourism Association was set up to promote environmentally responsible tourism.
Flash Debate!
The Motion:
"The cruise industry benefits small Caribbean countries like Belize."
Two teams:
For and against
You have 20 minutes to come up with as many reasons to support your argument as possible.
3 Judges:
Record all arguments and make final judgement.
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