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Utilizing the APA Format

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Don KitKat

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Utilizing the APA Format

Utilizing the APA Format
Title Page & Abstract
Main Body
My APA Paper

My Name

My Class

Month Day, Year

Running Head: MY APA PAPER 1
The main Body should have an introduction with a thesis, supporting details, and a conclusion
The introduction should capture the reader's attention
The thesis states the ideas that will be discussed in the paper
Supporting details will back up the ideas from the thesis
The conclusion should restate the thesis and wrap up the main ideas
References will be listed on the last page of the paper
The reference page should allow the reader to look up sources that were cited in the paper
References should be listed alphabetically
The first line of each entry should have a hanging indentation
Content taken from an external source must be cited
Web Page
Lastname, F. (Article Date). Article Name. Retrieved from
Lastname, F. (Publication Date). Book Name. Publication City,
ST: Publisher.
Lastname, F. (Article Date). Article Title. Periodical Name,
Issue number, page.
Lastname, F. (Article Date). Article Name. Retrieved from
The running head is a short version of the paper’s title, up to 50 characters and in all caps
Papers are to be typed double-space on standard-sized paper
The page header and running head will be at the top of every page
The page header identifies the page number
Every page will have one inch margins on all sides
The recommended font is 12 point Times New Roman
Page Header
Running Head
The abstract is a concise summary of the key research points
The title page contains the title of the paper, author’s name, and institutional affiliation
The title should be up to 12 words long, with no abbreviations.
The length of a title can be up to two lines long
The first line of the abstract page will say “Abstract” centered and in plain text
The abstract should state the research topic, and an overview of research performed
The abstract should be between 150-250 words with no indentations
The first line of the page will say "References" centered and in plain text
Source types should be written in their respective format
Citations for summaries and paraphrases must contain the author’s last name and publication year
Citations for quotes must contain the page number, author’s last name, and publication year
Quotes with 40 words or more will be placed in a new paragraph with 1.5” margins on the left and right side
This is a summary of something (Lastname, 2013)
"This is a quote" (p. 152 Lastname, 2013)
Abbreviations will be used moderately and for clear communication
“Day”, “week”, “month”, and “year” cannot be abbreviated
Measurements and units of time can be abbreviated without use of a period
Latin abbreviations require a period at the end
Common knowledge abbreviations do not need to be initially written out
Words being abbreviated throughout the paper must be written out completely the first time
University of Phoenix (UOP)
Hall of Fame (HOF)
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