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Leo A.G.

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of WAKEBOARDING


People started wake boarding at about the same time snow boarding was invented Wake boarding was originally called skurfing a combination of surfing and skiing. Wake boarding, or skurfing started in Australia and New Zealand.
People can wake board behind any boat, but it is best to
go behind a boat specifically built for wake boarding because they usually have a boom so when you jump you can get higher in the air. Wake boarding boats also have tanks that hold water in them which makes the wake larger so you can jump higher when you hit the wake. Wake boarding boats average about 30 to 100 thousand dollars.
Leo Grotte
This is a wake boarding boat
Wake boards

You can get a variety of different wake boards and when getting one you should try out a demo before you buy it. The differences of wake boards would be length, width, the types of fins on it, and the kind of design you want.
My Wake board
NOT a wake boarding boat
The End
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