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M2K Kids

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Skyviewranch

SVR is the nick name.
Skyview is a place where kids can have fun and learn about God. But, they are always looking for ways to improve. The camp is getting bigger so they are building more cabins. SVR has horses and farm animals, they are trying to get more.
Skyview is a baptist camp. Campers have chapel twice a day. Skyview is a place to build relationships. Their beliefs are in God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and the Bible. The point of the camp is to help kids learn about God while still having fun.
There is a lot of things that need to be done so they need a lot of workers. They have a lot of directors. Some jobs they have are a: grit hog, maintenance crew, kitchen worker,media team, pastor, store keeper, and a counselor. To be a counselor you need one year of college. SVR runs on volunteers. In Wooster they have a Hidden Treasure Thrift Store to raise money for the camp. Skyview runs on volunteers. You need to be fourteen to volunteer and sixteen to work there.
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
SVR Summer Camp
There are many things to do at SVR. They have summer camp and winter retreats. There is one counselor with 6-8 kids. They have a couple activities for the winter. Some activities include: sledding, contests, chapel, and indoor games. For summer camp there is alot. Pool activities, pond activities, the barn, the lodge and much more!
SVR was established in 1969. It is a christian camp. They have summer camp for 8 weeks in the summer. Jeremy Hales is the Executive Director. God is the official owner. Located in Millersburg, Ohio.
SVR Volunteers
*All information from Skyviewranch.org*
SVR has many camps. First they have day camp for little kids. Then they have a list of camps, such as: Junior camp, pioneer camp, junior high camp, senior high camp, worship camp, aviation camp, and scuba camp. They are for kids of all ages.
My brother is a grit hog.
Thanks for listening!
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