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eLearning Content Vendors

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* Group 3 *

on 4 April 2012

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Transcript of eLearning Content Vendors

? Who? What? Why? How? SkillSoft SkillSoft's library is extensive. It contains over 6,000 online courses, 1200 on-demand videos featuring top business leaders and best-selling authors, and over 25000 online business books, summaries, and reports. SkillSoft courses can prepare employees for an industry certification exam, provide just-in-time training, or allow them to meet continuing education requirements. Courses can also develop an employee's personal interests and enhance his or her professional skills. SkillSoft's instruction is performance-oriented. Courses adhere to adult learning principles such as learner initiative, self-management, and experiential learning. define user-focused performance objectives
select & implement instructional strategies
select & develop learning activities
use frequent questions and excercises to measure achievement SkillSoft course designers: A SkillSoft course arranges its main menu and learning path based on a pre-test which determines prior knowledge. The instruction begins by demonstrating a task using text and graphics. The course then administers a scenario-based excercise to assess understanding and provide feedback. Courses incorporate audio narration and provide discussion group sessions. Students can submit projects for SkillSoft experts' review. A Live Chat feature allows for a quick answer to students' questions while more complex questions can be answered via email. How do SkillSoft instructors support students? The use of templates for interactivity and the consistent user interface result in more effective e-learning. Why would I take a SkillSoft course? What do they offer? How does SkillSoft design its courses? What is it like to take a course? Element K "Learning delivered how you need it, when you need it." SkillSoft provides training in the following fields: Leadership and management
Bedrock business skills
IT training and certification
Environmental safety and health compliance
Project management Element K, founded in 1982, provides learning solutions that allow organizations to develop employees, support partners, and educate customers. Element K's content collection includes: 3,132 IT Professional courses
1,357 Desktop Application courses
5,310 Corporate Comprehensive courses
1,045 Business Professional courses with topics including project management, finance and accounting, and sales/marketing
Compliance courses covering business ethics, government compliance, and electrical and work safety Element K incorporates three instructional design principles into their KnowledgeHub platform:

Engaging Element K's content collection includes e-Learning courses for IT, business, and compliance. It also houses an e-Reference collection of business and technical online books for just-in-time content. Element K also features vLab Virtual Labs, which provide an opportunity for hands-on training and mastery of hardware/software skills in real, remote environments. virtual labs for hands-on experience
provides online reference libraries
delivers content that can be directed to individuals or groups that need it Results-oriented offers instructor-led online or self-paced tutorials
various language settings
allows users to create own "My Training" pages enable quick access to content
provide an easy way to organize
provide clear, easy-to-use, searchable catalogs What do they offer? How does Element K design its courses? Learner-centric Engaging Enterprise Training Solutions For over a decade, the professionals at Enterprise Training Solutions have specialized in bringing eLearning solutions to federal, state and local governments, corporations, and educational institutions. ETS' products include self-paced courses, live learning, e-books and manuals, course registration approval, course authoring, certification & accreditation, and learner management systems. ETS provides solutions through My SkillSource and Guaranteed Success: My SkillSource is an eLearning system that includes over 3,000 courses available for professional development in Technology, Business, and Employee Compliance.

The Guaranteed Success program is a multi-step process designed to ensure employee participation, management support, and program value through proper planning and execution. The courses are designed on a macro level and broken down into micro levels based on need. ETS courses are designed to incorporate data and knowledge relevant to the organization the courses are being produced for. The instructional strategies utilized at ETS include completely online self-paced courses that are administered through tutorial, or students may choose the live instructor-led option. The instructor-led option is set up in lecture format but also provides interactive learning, note taking options, and collaboration with instructors and other classmates through a chat forum. With the instructor-led courses, learners can receive training without ever leaving their desk. How does ETS design its courses? What do they offer? K12 K12 has delivered over one million courses for a highly diverse group of students. These include: Everyone from struggling students to advanced learners
Families that choose homeschooling
The children of families in the military or those with overseas commitments
Elite athletes and performers training for competitions or careers
Children who are homebound for a variety of reasons K12 strives to develop each child's potential with engaging, individualized learning. K12's curriculum is available through full-time public and private school programs, worldwide through an online private school, and via individual courses for supplemental needs or homeschooling. K-8 Courses: Language Arts/English, Math, Science, History, World Languages, Art, and Music

High Schools Courses: 105 online courses, multiple levels of core subjects, up to four years of a World Language, and a variety of elective including anthropology, Web design, and digital photography Based on patented methodology, K12 courses are designed and developed from scratch for online delivery by a team of curriculum experts, educators, PhD's and interactive designers. They thoroughly map out a strategy for how best to accomplish learning objectives. Interactive demonstrations and animations
Interactive online discussions
Assessments to assure the child has mastered a topic before moving on K12 knows that the combination of rich, engaging content with interactive demonstrations and activities help students absorb and retain information. To ensure this is achieved correctly, K12 conducts usability testing to make sure lessons are easy to navigate and learning objectives can be mastered as intended. Designers use teaching tools such as: What do they offer? Who are the courses for? How are the courses designed? Khan
Academy Khan Academy is a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone anywhere.

All of the site's resources are available, completely free of charge, to anyone: student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, or adult returning to the classroom after 20 years. Complete custom self-paced learning tool
A dynamic system for getting help
A custom profile, points, and badges to measure progress Students can make use of the extensive video library, practice exercises, and assessments from any computer with access to the web. Coaches, parents, and teachers have unprecedented visibility into what their students are learning and doing on the Khan Academy. Ability to see any student in detail
A real-time class report for all students
Better intelligence for doing targeted interventions Khan Academy has a library of over 2100 videos which cover humanities, finance, history, K-12 math, and science topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics. Every time you work on a problem or watch a video, the Khan Academy remembers what you've learned and where you're spending your time. You get at-a-glance information about everything you've been learning and whether or not you've been hitting your goals. With over 2100 videos, it is easily the most exhaustive collection of instruction on the internet allowing learners to know that they can fill in almost any of their "gaps" with the content on this site. The content is made in digestible 10-20 minute chunks especially purposed for viewing on the computer as opposed to being a longer video of a conventional "physical" lecture. The conversational style of the videos is the tonal antithesis of what people traditionally associate with math and science instruction. The founder of Khan Academy, Salman Khan, was a featured speaker at a recent TED Conference. How are the courses designed? Who are the courses for? What do they offer? How do we know if the content has instructional value? SkillSoft is a PMI Charter-Global Registered Education Provider and meet continuing education requirements which are prerequisites to sit for the Certification Exams.
Element K ranked among TrainingIndustry.com's Top 20 IT Training Companies and the Top 20 in Leadership Training
Over 95% of K12's parents Agree or Strongly Agree that their student has benefited academically from the K12 curriculum.
K12 is an AdvancED-accredited corporation meeting the highest standards of educational management.
At Khan Academy, teachers and coaches can access all of their students' data. They can get a summary of class performance as a whole or dive into a particular student's profile to figure out exactly which topics are problematic. Group 3:
Johnny Cabrera
Amy Cash
Lashandra Dean
Michaela Marshall References

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