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North Carolina Final Exams

No description

Sharonda Caldwell

on 11 January 2018

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Transcript of North Carolina Final Exams

North Carolina Final Exams
Testing Window & Administration Time

High School: 6/05-6/09 (new dates)

NCFE standard administration time is
120 mins

It is extremely important that you pay close attention to the time boxes listed in the directions and give students breaks according to the test they are taking.

5 minute warning must be announced when students have 5 minutes remaining.

A student will not be allowed to
complete his/her assessment
online if they have not completed
the online assessment tutorial.

NCFE (as well as EOCs) are 25%
of a student's final grade. (your administration guide says 20%, however in Harnett county it is 25%)

Early Finishers
If a student finishes early, he/she
can put their heads down until the
rest of the students have finished
testing and/ or minimum time has passed.
Important Pages

Please open your books to the following pages and highlight these pages in your NCFE administration guide
Please note: Test administrator guide are considered secure materials, therefore, if you lose or misplace your copy you must notify a member of the testing team IMMEDIATELY; then an investigation of missing item will be conducted)
p.4 testing window
p. 5 administration time
p. 9 review of accommodations (sample in red training folder)
p. 10 materials list
p. 13 roving proctor information
p. 16 monitoring students during testing (please read carefully)
p. 18 restroom breaks
p.19 students that complete tests early
p. 20 test irregularities
p. 26 procedures "on the day of testing"
p. 27 directions (says begin) read carefully before test day and familiarize yourself with which directions go with what tests
P. 56 testing code of ethics (sign and date now)

Roving proctors are allowed on the NCFEs.

Roving proctors can cover no more than 3 centrally located classrooms.

They will monitor each classroom for a minimum of 5 mins and a maximum of 7 minutes.

The door must remain open throughout the entire test administration.
Proctors should move quietly and without talking.

They should not stand at the door when monitoring a testing session; they should be circulating the room.

Because we are using roving proctors on NCFE we must indicate (
on the dry erasable test sign that you hang on the door
) what type of test you are administering Ex: NCFE or EOC (this is why you have dry erase markers and erasers in your pencil pouch of your test administrator notebook. This lets auditor and others know which classrooms they should see stationary proctors in and which classrooms that may have roving proctors.

Technical Difficulties
Please note (on the irregularity form in your notebooks) if a student is kicked out of his/her test multiple times. On the irregularity for please make note of the Form number. This is listed in the middle of the screen, under student info)

Harnett County technology department has advise schools to limit computer use on the day of testing to students testing and administrative staff only. This will eliminate the number of technical issues that may occur.
Cell Phones
Cell phone statement must be read, prior to starting the testing directions.

In addition to cell phones, administrators need to be mindful of students using smart watches and other smart

The cell phone policy applies to both teachers and students
STudent Emergencies and restroom breaks
Students needing to use the bathroom or take medication must be allowed to do so.

Please make note of this time (in the testing notes section of your notebook)

*Math II, III
*American History I&II
(constructed response)
(constructed response)
*English I, III, IV
(English III constructed response)
*Earth and Environmental
*Physical Science
*World History
(constructed response)
(a reference sheet of test types is
also available in your test admin notebooks)

NCFE Subjects
Pick up Times
Test Administrators should pick up test materials no more than 5-7 minutes prior to a test session and return no later than 5-7 minutes after the completion of each test session.
(Do not hang out in the conference area unless asked to help. This is distracting and time consuming for the testing team)
NC Test/Education
Students will test all NCFE online. This is done using the NC test app. You will need to log each student listed on your roster into the computer and direct them to the computer that they are logged into, when they enter the testing site.
At this time, please find a computer and make sure you can log into NC Ed using your login credentials and signed off, on the sheet provided, that you have successfully logged into NC Education.
Please remember this. If you hit forgot password, it takes 24 hours for your new password to take effect (i.e. no one should change password the day of or the day before testing.
Your Role
Your roles as Test administrators are as follows:

Provide a positive test taking environment.

Report any testing irregularities to the Test coordinator.

Administer tests according to the assessment guide.

You should remain visible from the outside of the door at all times.
(for example, if an auditor is looking in the test site, he/she should be able to see you circulating the room)

You should not be reading, grading papers, on cellular devices or constantly talking to the proctor.

Posting about testing (good or bad) on social media is prohibited and violates the testing code of ethics. (example: a Facebook post stating "ugh another grueling day of testing" or "testing went well today, all the student took their time and did their best").

It is your responsibility to read the assessment guide in its entirety.

If you have no more scheduled tests that day please check in with Mr. Hampton/Mr. Avery/ Mr. Leach
for post-testing responsibilities.

Please Note:
Math II & Math III
are in field testing this semester and students will not receive a score for these tests.
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