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choosing a research topic

No description

Courtney Eger

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of choosing a research topic

Write a Research Statement or Question
Brainstorm ideas
Gather Preliminary Research




Choosing a
research topic
Brainstorm ideas
There's a few
ways you can approach a topic.
Gather preliminary research
Write a research statement or question
Identify search terms
Your professor has just handed out a research assignment. You can choose any topic. How do you get started?
Narrow your topic
Check your textbook/syllabus
(What topics are you interested in?)
Look in the newspaper
(What's going on in the ?)
Browse the
(What's going on at CNN.com, on , etc.?)
What aspects of this
topic are interesting?
What details would be important to share?
Is there enough information to even write a paper about this topic?
Make sure your topic is not too large.
You want it to be narrow in focus, so research
& writing is easier.
Ex: Topic is "
What are some aspects of obesity?
Nutrition choices
Bad food choices
Obese children
Obese teens/college students
Fast food
Junk food
Think about which aspects of the main topic
are most of interest to you.
Choose the most interesting
aspects of the topic & write it
as a sentence or question.
This will help you
write it as a
"thesis statement."
Ex. "Because of poor food
choices in the school cafeteria,
college students are at a higher risk
of obesity."
Take your statement & choose the most important KEYWORDS:
"Because of
poor food choices
in the
school cafeteria
college students
are at a higher
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