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No description

dymple tablizo

on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of ZITA


The girl who fell in love with her tutor which is Mr.Reteche she is the daughter of Don Eleodoro,
In an Island during 1930's the people there are shallow and easy to please. the atmosphere is mysterious: unclear.
Zita is a short story about a girl named Zita who fell in love with her teacher, Mr. Reteche. The latter is a teacher from the city who came to Zita's village to teach the kids.

The teacher keeps on receiving a letter or three every month.

Zita's father, Don Eliodoro, wants Mr. Reteche to tutor his daughter

One day, Mr. Reteche received a letter which he tore into pieces without even reading the contents.
After quite a while, he put the pieces back together, prompting Zita to ask, "
Why do you tear up a letter if you must put it together again?
At this the teacher replied. "
Someday, Zita, you will do it too, and then you will understand.
Mr.Francisco b. Reteche
a mysterious guy with a mysterious past that became the teacher of Zita.He secretly fell in love with Zita too.
Don Eleodoro
father of zita who who ask for Mr.Reteche to be his daughter's tutor
The one who delivers letter to Mr. retche
A stranger came to their island, looking for Mr. Reteche. They talked inside the classroom, Before she could hear Mr. Reteche's answer to the stranger's question as to when they will leave the island, Zita fled.

She anxiously waited for the time when Mr. Reteche would board a boat and leave the island.

Turong, brought her a letter from Mr. Reteche. Without reading the letter's contents, she tore it to pieces, like what Mr. Reteche did, and "a great understanding had come to her."
Zita tells her father of her encounter with Mr. Reteche, She makes sure to highlight the moment when the teacher is baffled by Zita‟s name.

Mr. Reteche is troubled by Zita's presence in the class.
Arturo B. Rotor
Was a Filipino medical doctor, musician and writer.
He attended the University of the Philippines, Conservatory of Music and the College of Medicine.
he was appointed Secretary of the Department of Health and Welfare.
He was an accomplished musician, and a internationally respected writer of both fiction and non-fiction best of the Filipino short story writers of the period 1930's-1980's.
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