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National symbols of Costa Rica

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Karina Dyner

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of National symbols of Costa Rica

By : Karina Dyner National symbols of Costa Rica photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli The national flag of Costa Rica was adopted on 27 November, 1906 which consists 5 horizontal stripes. The colors of the flag are in the order of Blue, White, Red, White, Blue. The national flag of Costa Rica was disigned by the first lady,Pacifica Fernandez Oreamuno, in the year 1848. National Flag The Yiguirro was designated the country's national bird on November, 1976 and is one of the national symbols of Costa Rica. It is also known as the clay colered robin or gray thrush and is found all over Costa Rica. National Bird A native tree of Costa Rica, the Guanacaste , was chosen as the national tree on 31 August, 1959.This national tree is found along the coats of Central America, Cuba and also in the lowlands of the Antilles> National tree National Animal The white tailed deer is an animal that is not easy to see around the country and is endangered in Costa Rica. Also, belive it or not, this is the national symbol of Costa Rica! The deer represents the wildlife of Costa Rica and was declared the wildlife symbol in 1995. The white tailed deer is just one of the many animals wecan find in this beautiful park! The national anthem is one of the most important national symbols of Costa Rica as it expresses a sense of patriotism amongst the people. The music of the national anthem was composed by Manuel Maria Gutierrez and the lyrics were by Jose Maria Zeldon Brenes. The original version of the National Anthem of Costa Rica is in spanish , the official language of the country. National Anthem National Flower The Guaria Morada was chosen as the national flower on 15 June, 1939 and is also one of the national symbols of Costa Rica. The flowers have adorned the homes of Costa Rica for centuries and associated with the beauty of the ladies of the country. National Shield The honorable president Jose Maria Castro decreed the the creation of the national shield September 29, 1848. The National shield has been redisinged twice . Oxcart The colorful oxcart is Costa Rica's national symbol of labor.It was first invented on March 22, 1988.
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