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New Student Orientation Wright College Summer/Fall 2016 - 5/13 on

No description

George Baird

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of New Student Orientation Wright College Summer/Fall 2016 - 5/13 on

Welcome to Wright College
New Student Orientation - Summer/Fall 2016

Introduction to Wright
Programs, Degrees, and Pathways
Steps before Registration
Planning with the My Planner
Make the Right Connections
Moving Forward...
Wright College is ...
Wright offers...
Welcome to the NSO!
From the NSO you will learn:
the different program and degree options.
how to prepare and the steps to register.
to connect to the campus community.
During the NSO you should:
pay attention and follow along in the notebook. Corresponding page numbers are listed.
ask questions, participate, and interact with others.
enjoy yourself.
You have made the right choice!
One of the seven City Colleges of Chicago.
Home to the Information Technology Focus Area for the City Colleges.
A two-year institution.
Home of the Rams.
What is your goal at Wright College?
Transfer to a four-year institution?
Pursue an occupational program to enter the workforce?
Transfer Degrees
Top in-state transfer destinations for our students:
Out-of-state transfer destinations:
Associate in Arts
Associate in Science
Associate in Engineering Sciences
Associate in Fine Arts
Associate in General Studies
Degrees and Certificates:
Degree Options:
College to Career Degrees
Associate in Applied Science
Advanced Certificate
Basic Certificate
Web Development
Criminal Justice
And more
Choose your Pathway
Program Finder:
Assistance finding your pathway:
Focus Areas:
Transfer Credit
As a new student you may have already earned college credits. Options include:

Prior college work -- send
transcripts to the Records Office (A-129)*
AP -- send scores of 3 or higher to Admissions and Testing (L-131)

Access Student Portal
Your Student Portal can be accessed through My.ccc.edu.

To access My.ccc.edu, you will need your:
ACT scores (taken within the last 4 years)
21 in English to take college-level English
21 in Math to take college-level Math

Prior college-level credit in English and Math
Advanced Placement (AP)
Transfer Credits

Other Assessments and Placement
20:1 Student to faculty ratio.
Classes taught by faculty who hold Masters and PhDs.
Unique Signature Transfer Programs to many colleges/universities.
Over 100 student clubs and organizations, including many academic programs.
Many student support services -- including The Gateway Advising and Transfer Center.

Welcome to Wright course
Two subject areas: English and Math
English is timed; Math is not
English can only be taken once; Math can be taken up to five times
Scores are valid for one year
To interpret your scores, check the New Student Success Guide p. 24.
Assessment results
Ready to Register?
Check Blackboard for Assessment results.
Confirm Your Pathway
You can monitor your progress in the Portal:
Payment Options
You are responsible for tuition and enrollment status.
Student Expectations
Maintain at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) to be in good academic standing.

Complete classes and monitor your progress.

Utilize the on-campus student resources.

Get to know your professors and communicate with them.

Connect and meet with your advisor regularly.

Attend class, arrive on time, and be prepared.

Student Services You Need Now
Admissions and Testing
(Room L131)
Disability Access Center
Room (L135)
The Gateway Advising and Transfer Center (A120)
Utilize Student Services
STEM Emporium
(Room S-102)
Academic Support/Tutoring Center (Room A-245)
The Writing Center (Room S-101)
Student Support Services
Veterans Support Services (Room S-132)
The Wellness Center
(Room S-106)
The Career Planning and Placement Center (Room S-128)
Wright in Your Corner (Room S-100)
Ready for Wright?
Apply to Wright.
Establish username and password.
Attend a NSO.
Take assessments, if needed.
Determine payment method.
Complete FAFSA if using FA.
Get Student ID.
Purchase books.
Attend Rams Week.
When registering, the My Planner will align your preferences with your intended degree plan to load a suggested schedule for the upcoming terms.
Financial Aid
Payment Plan
Cash / Check
Credit Card
Third-Party Payment
* For the purpose of registration, unofficial transcripts are accepted.
In-person test times:
Monday: 9:30 & 1:30
Tuesday: 9:30 & 1:30
Wednesday: 9:30 & 1:30
Thursday: 1:30 & 4:30
During registration, confirm your pathway and the degree you are pursuing.
Your Pathway
Your Preferences
Class Schedule
The Guided Pathways to Success will be the base of your plan.
Here is a GPS for an AA -- UIC Business Finance:
And, an AS focused on Computer Science:
The My
Next Steps...
Next assessment date: ______________
Assessment score available:__________
Registration date: _________
Important Dates:

Portal Home Page
New students hold: VER
(bring ID to register)
Access to student email, the bookstore, and GradesFirst
Main navigation bar
Or, online anytime.
Thank you for attending the NSO!

Please complete the evaluations:
Registration is open for summer and fall
June 3: Last day to register for Summer classes
June 8: Summer classes begin
August 22: Last day to register for Fall classes
August 22-26: Mandatory Rams Week
August 29: Fall classes begin
Next testing date:
Complete Pre-Registration
Registration is Now!
***Bring test results and form of identification.***
Financial Aid Office
"Begin with the End in Mind!"
Steven Covey
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