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Mi Vida Loca 1

Episodio 1

April DeBord

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Mi Vida Loca 1

Mi Vida Loca
BBC Languages
Episodio 1
Click above to watch interactive

After you watch and interact,
complete and submit your
answers to the following
questions in the course.

List 3 new phrases that you learned
from this episode, tell your instructor
what they mean and how you can use
them in your daily Spanish-speaking
List 3 phrases that you already knew
or figured out from context, tell your
instructor how you have used the
phrase before or how you plan to use
it if you figured it out from context:
What did you learn that was new
for you about the Spanish culture
and how does it compare to your
own culture (remember this is
extra credit so give your instructor
a good sample of writing)?
What things did you take away from
this episode that you didn't know
before watching?
Muy bien hecho :)
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