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QR Codes in the Classroom

No description

RJ Wenner

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of QR Codes in the Classroom

What do you start with?
QR Codes are Everywhere!
Content Ideas

Videos (captured lessons, demonstrations, speeches...)
Songs/audio files
Documents (questions, math problems, study guides, infographics)
Text Message (scavenger hunt clues, reminder notifications, publicity for events)
Podcasts (classroom discussion, lectures, experts)
Audio Books
Movie Trailers
QR What?
Are they hard to make?
Let me check the TechToolbox

Lots of possibilities...
Anyone can do this!!
...for every subject area
21st Century Skills
and QR Codes
Accomplishing the 4Cs
QR codes are an easy and engaging way to communicate with students in a non traditional way.

Instead of having students write down a long URL, why not create a QR Code to communicate information between you and the student.
Critical Thinking
QR codes can be used anytime and anywhere by making student's active learners. It requires students to think about what they are doing as opposed to passively receiving information from the teacher.

Students are able to discover and use new information as they develop their critical thinking and problem solving skill.
Let the students create the content, as well as, creating the codes.

Let the students come up with a creative way to use them in their learning.
QR codes can direct a student
or group of students to basically anywhere on the internet. This could include Twitter, Facebook, wikis, blogs, Edmodo class, VoiceThread and many other web based social networking and/or peer editing sites.
Anyone can do this!
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