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No description

Kaylee Prime

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Carbotanium

Finally Carbotanium is a very useful material with many applications.
Is not in full production due to the high cost of manufacturing and its components.
Could prove to be the next Carbon-fiber once that hits the common market. The Basics CARBOTANIUM
by: Kaylee Stapleton Carbotanium is a composite of carbon fiber and a beta titanium alloy.
Uses the strength of the Titanium while still keeping the light weight properties of the carbon-fibre.
While useful, is seldom used due to high cost. Carbon Fiber an extremely strong and light fiber-reinforced polymer.
carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer parts are created with a single layer of carbon fabric that is backed with fiberglass.
Is particularly used in automotive manufacturing due to its light weight and high strength ratio. How its made... A area of Beta Titanium alloy is chosen and coated in prepared platinum to create coated titanium alloy.
The alloy is heated to 950 degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours and a carbon composite is applied with adhesive. Titanium Alloy The high strength to weight ratio allows it to replace steel in many cases.
Titanium alloys can operate at elevated temperatures, as high as 370 to 590 °C depending on the specific alloy.
Pure titanium at room temperature has a hexagonal close-packed crystal structure, which transforms to a beta body-centered cubic structure at a temperature of approximately 885 °C. Applications... Is currently used in production of the Zonda R, its road going counterpart the Cinque, the Huayra, and the Tricolore.
Also has many productive uses for the aircraft industry. Sources... Is often used for car parts and chassis, bicycles, and is invaluable to the chemical processing industry as heat exchangers, tubes, and valves. Research and Development... The aircraft industry had been looking for a new light weight advanced composites for several years due to their high specific strength.
But most current composites had difficulties including damage sensitivity and low bearing strength. Pagani Huayra in action ((11:54)) Newer alloys had not been used as the adhesive wouldn't stick properly.
They therefore need a new inexpensive, safe and effective method for bonding the newer beta alloys of titanium with carbon fiber composite material. Works Cited

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