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New Voices Web 2.0 Institute

for ITAC staff meeting

colin bill

on 4 August 2010

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Transcript of New Voices Web 2.0 Institute

New Voices Web 2.0 Initiative Web 2.0 - Social Media Goal Research Model - Practice Explore best cloud and client Web 2.0 applications for non-profits, reviewed hundreds
specifially small grassroots organizations with limited budgets, like NV ones
survey of NV Fellows
narrowed solutions down to 20
created exploratory PDF with explainations and links to videos, resources, etc.
provides background

Web 2.0 Workshop in New Orleans
Two day "Web 2.0 Institute" or boot camp with NV social justice activists
Ken Williams, Fredando Jackson of Project South, myself, Laura Quinn, head of Idealware.org, "helping non-profits make smart software decisions"

Introduce specific Web 2.0 solutions to New Voices Fellows to support and enhance their work in social justice.

Also, build capacities of their organizations and community groups needed to achieve missions.

What is Web 2.0? Take Aways - Outcomes how to use in our projects
similar empowerment and capacity building
modify the existing PDF

Challenges Some Fellows are putting it to use, but...
many Fellows and their organizations do not have foundations of a web presence
Fellows are completing their service.

Good news: follow-up coaching, excited to use Traditioanl Advocacy Advocacy with Social Media at its best looked like this - people organized efficiently into mass movements individual standing up and fighting power... not as embodied
viral spread - scalability
further reconstruction efforts in NO show of solidarity
Un million de voces contra FARC
Iran elections

further reconstruction efforts in NO Local New Orleans Efforts
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