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WFA Strategic Plan

No description

Liz Vivian

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of WFA Strategic Plan

internal outcomes Six internal outcomes related to board, staff, finances, programming, communications and infrastructure external outcomes Four external outcomes related to
driving community investments and
building leadership to
improve the lives of women and girls We envision a world where
all women and girls
have the opportunity to
live, lead and thrive.

Our mission is to build leadership,
drive community investments and
accelerate systemic change
to improve the lives of women and girls
in Washington State.

We value
Leadership, Collaboration, Impact 5 years from now
we want two things to be true:
1. Women and girls are better off
2. WFA is a stronger organization Progressive themes provide framework for annual goals that move WFA
toward 5-year outcomes 2013 = Create
2014 = Strengthen
2015 = Perform
2016 = Excel
2017 = Impact fiscal years 2013 - 2017 WFA Strategic Plan $807k out the door = at least 50% of expenses
Revenue target of $1.95m = positive net income Point A Point B WFA board provides solid leadership around governance, fundraising and strategic thinking Last December = Direction
This past March = Conversation
This past June = Framework
Now = Concrete Outcomes and Goals Context WFA is a stronger organization Women and girls are better off build a bigger base
move people up the pyramid
major donors
institutional funders
women business owners, men
30th birthday celebration buckshot
one-off strategic
systematic year-round Community Response Grants
Policy and Politics
Make a Fuss semi-annual Leadership Circle
Town Hall and Salon
Large-scale mobilization
Art-related events Winter/Spring = Girls Summer/Fall = Women pro-active public policy agenda + advocacy Innovation Revolution
Solution Fund What is our rate of ascent?
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