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Robot Dreams

No description

Reilly Carter

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Robot Dreams

Robot Dreams
Main Characters
- Susan Calvin
- Linda Rash
- Elvex
Dr. Rash is showing Susan a robot that has been having dreams every night ever since he knew that he existed. They are trying to figure out how this is happening.
Susan asked Elvex, the robot, what his dreams were like. He says that he has had the same dream every night, and that there are no humans in his dream, only robots that are working. He sees the robots in many places too. He sees them under water, in factories, and in many other places.
Elvex also sees one man in his dream. The man said, "Let my people go!", and by that he ment the robots. Susan asked Elvex if he knew the man in his dream. Elvex said yes, because he was the man in his dream. After he said this, Susan shot him. There was no more Elvex.
What I Thought
I thought that this was a very good book. I did think that is was a little strange that the robot was dreaming though. I did not think that the book would end with the robot getting shot, but I still liked it.
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