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Shawn Mendes

No description

Jenna Kaczmarkiewicz

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes
By: Jenna Kaczmarkiewicz
Shawn Mendes was born on August 8th, 1998 in Toronto. He is 15.
He started singing because of elementary school, and got a good response from the other students. They all had seemed to like it and because of him getting a good response, he strives to get better every day. Now he likes to do singing for mainly fun, but posts videos of him singing on YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and other social networks. His inspiration really came out of nowhere, the only other person that sings in his family is his cousin, who is very shy about it. He says his biggest influence is Ed Sheeran. He also plays the guitar.
Shawn Mendes is part of group called Magcon, which is a meet and greet convention where you can meet popular vine and youtube people. They travel around the US and other places such as Canada. The other 8 members of Magcon are Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Matt Espinosa, Carter Reynolds, Jack Gillinsky, Jack Johnson, Taylor Caniff, and Aaron Carpenter. Other members that aren't a part of Magcon but join the conventions are Hayes and Skylynn Grier.
top right: Cameron Dallas
top middle: Nash Grier
top right: Shawn Mendes
middle left: Aaron Carpenter
middle: Taylor Caniff
middle right: Matt Espinosa
bottom left: Jack Gillinsky
bottom middle: Carter Reynolds
bottom right: Jack Johnson
Hayes Grier
Skylynn Grier
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