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Diary of a Tribute...

No description

Caroline Ardrey

on 30 June 2014

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Transcript of Diary of a Tribute...

The Diary of a Tribute...
Learning Objectives
At the end of this lesson we will be able to use emotive language and literary techniques to write a diary entry which effectively captures the emotion of a tribute from 'The Hunger Games'.
The Reaping...
This clip is taken from the reaping scene in the film version of 'The Hunger Games'.

Katniss is volunteering as a tribute in order to take the place of her younger sister, Prim, who has been selected against the odds

As you are watching:
Think about how Katniss might feel on this day.
Imagine you are Katniss. What emotions are you experiencing?
Katniss's Diary
How many different words can you think of to describe how Katniss might be feeling?

In your groups
try to think of as many
as possible to describe her feelings at the reaping.

You have
Welcome to the diary room.
The annual event of The Hunger Games might be seen as an extreme form of reality TV.

On the show 'Big Brother', contestants regularly visit the diary room, where they are interviewed by Big Brother.

In pairs
you are going to take it in turns to play the part of Katniss, being interviewed by Big Brother about her experiences and her feelings at the reaping.

Make notes
of any words, phrases, similes or metaphors you come up with to express your character's emotions.
And finally....
Swap diary entries with the person next to you. Using a different colour, underline one sentence which you think is particularly good or effective in summing up Katniss's feelings on volunteering as a tribute.

Congratulate your partner on something you think they have done really well today!

How did you feel before the reaping this year?
What was going through your mind when you heard Prim's name being called?
What kind of person does it take to win The Hunger Games?
Do you think you have what it takes to survive?
In the Diary Room....
Here are some questions you might like to ask
as Big Brother. Feel free to add your own:
The Diary of a Tribute

Write a diary entry to describe your feelings on volunteering to replace Prim as the tribute for District 12.
Your task

Imagine you are Katniss.
You have 5 minutes to interview each other.
I will tell you to swap over at 'half-time'.
Try to embody the character of Katniss.
Use your 'Big Brother' notes to help you.
Use plenty of adjectives to express your character's emotions.
For a challenge
, see if you can use at least one simile and one metaphor in your diary entry.

Some tips
Think about what a
diary entry might look like...
Remember to
put the date
at the top
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