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Dongpu Song

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Culture

China and South Korea

Famous Chinese Dishes
Chinese Food
National holiday
Seol lal
Rice cake soup
Dduk - guk
The Traditional
Architecture of Korea
Lunar New Year Celebrations in Korea
Jae - sa
20 different types of food on the ritual table
Pray to spirits for luck, forefather memorial ceremony
Eat rice cake soup

Getting one year more
Traditional clothes and ㅠbow deeply to grand parent
Big respect for old people
We have 8 major types of Chinese dishes. They are Sichuan food, Hunan food, Jiangsu food, Zhejiang food, Guangdong food, Fujian food, Anhui food and Shandong food.
2. Maru
The main floored room
1. Ondol
The underfloor heating system
External culture
External culture
- External culture
- Internal culture
- Tourist spots
External culture
Every country has its own culture, and we should respect every culture.

Discovering the internal part of a culture is the best way to comprehend the soul of this culture.
Traditional tableware Chopsticks
3. A curved roof
(The royal palace)
Bukchon Hanok Village
(The traditional house village)
Internal culture
The harmony with nature
The Environment-friendly life
Internal culture
Tourist spots
Tourist spots
Map of China
External culture
4. Dancheong
The traditional multicolored
paintwork on wooden buildings
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