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Honour and Fame

No description

Thomas Wheeler

on 4 January 2018

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Transcript of Honour and Fame

Tîmê and Kleos
What are these concepts?

What differentiates them?

What genre are they most inherently associated with?
Kleos As Epic Motivation
Within the context of Greek society, why is Kleos such a core aspect of Epic poetry?

How can it appear in Tragedy, and how do you think it would have to be represented?
Great Deeds
How many Characters in any of the plays we have studied are praised for their great deeds?

How many of them perform these within the plays?
Loss of Honour
To what extent does Greek Tragedy is effective because it represents a loss of Kleos?
Honour and Fame
L.O. - To evaluate the impact and representation of Kleos within Greek Tragic Literature.
To Be Talked About
Can you identify any moments in the plays where the characters explicitly talk about the impact of their actions?
'Although kleos in epic and epinician poetry has a specific social and ideological function, its usage in Attic drama exhibits its incompatibility with the pragmatic environment of a polis and reflects the difficulties such a value provokes when measured in circumstances similar to those of fifth century Athens, namely within a democracy where no one is allowed to enjoy a rarefied status and where familial and city law is part of the audience’s quotidian court experience.'
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