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Religion in The Wife of Bath

No description

Lowri Tanner

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Religion in The Wife of Bath

Prologue and Tale RELIGION - The Wife goes on a lot of pilgrimages as they allow her to travel freely and meet new people. wife of bath The Medieval Church - In medieval times the church had total control over everyone. - Everyone had to pay tax to the church but they were corrupt and took more money than they should. - The Bible was a
strong influence on
people and it was
taken very
seriously. Pilgrimages - The Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories told on a pilgrimage by each of its members. - She was away on a pilgrimage when her fourth husband died - providing her with an .. alibi for his murder. The Bible - In Medieval Times people didn't trust new stories so they just re-told old ones. - The Bible was a trusted authority and so the wife uses it to support her argument (in defense of her immoral behaviour). - Jankin also uses the Bible to support his argument .... (that women are inherently sinful). - He tells the story of how Eve sinned ...... and led Adam into temptation. - There is a suggestion that she may have killed her husbands or had them killed. Morality in the prologue - A lot of The Wife's behaviour could be considered immoral, such as her torment of her husbands and her many marriages - She is very promiscous, claiming to love sex and to have had many affairs. Morality in The Tale The Wife of Bath - The knight rapes the maiden but is punished for his lack of chivalry, not his immoral behaviour. - He is never truly punished for his behaviour + is even rewarded with a good ... and beautiful wife - Both challenge the ideals of female behaviour set out in The Bible by manipulating their husbands into giving them 'maistrie'. The Wife VS The Hag - There are many parallels between the two and their relationships with men. - Both love their husbands despite (or even due to) being mistreated by them.
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