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Black Death

The worst plague to ever hit Europe: The Black Death

Yo soy sauce.

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Black Death

The Beginning of the Plague
Europe's population increased rapidly in the early 1300s
The climate changed, and there was a famine b/c of overused soil for farming
Scientists aren't sure, but they think that the plague originated in Mongolia
The disease then spread through central Asia, moving west with migrating rats
Italian traders brought the plague to Europe on a ship
The people on the ship were infected and mostlly died
The plague landed in Italy in 1347, then swept through Europe
The Infected Victims
thousands died each day
families barricaded themselves inside their houses
People who were in close quarters(ie: villages, family, small homes) were more vulnerable to the disease
People became afraid and refused to help sick family members
Most victims lay dying in bed
the dead were buried in huge ditches and covered with thin layer of dirt
their clothes were burned
What Causes The Black Death?
Brought to you by:
Nikolas Lam
Kameron Ferrer
Kenneth Lee

The Black Death

What is the Black Death?
A deadly bacteria that spread across during the Middle Ages
bacteria called "
Yersinia Pestis"
lasted from 1328-1351
Many outbreaks
Biggest outbreak lasted for three years (1347-1350)
Killed 1/3 to half of Europe's population
Effect on Towns and Villages

Treatments and Remedies
The Spread of the Black Death
Jews during the Black Death
The Impact on the Catholic Church

After the Plague
Interesting Facts
As the disease spread the towns and villages became infected as well
Since they were so close, many people would become infected
Criminals took advantage of the plague and crime increased
prices went up b/c guild members died
some serfs rebelled against their lord
crime rate went up b/c criminals took advantage of the disaster
people abandoned family and fled the cities
"Yersinia Pestis"
infects flea
Fleas infected with the parasitic bacteria bite rats
rats help transport virus
rats eventually die, flea jumps onto human, bites human
Flea vomits infected rat blood into human, thus infecting the human

The bacteria travels from person to person pneumonically, or through air
People kept in tight villages are easily affected
Through the bite of infected fleas/rats
The plague was everywhere throughout Medieval Europe
Jews obtained water from wells outside of the city walls , so they were blamed for poisoning the city wells
In 1348, city officials used torture to force a false confession from a Jew
Jews were accused of poisoning the air
All over Europe mobs of people attacked and tortured Jews
-In Nuremburg, Germany, Jews were even burned alive
Thounsands of Jews were massacred to win over God's forgiveness
Bubonic: fever, headache, chills, weakness, and swollen glands(buboes)
buboes the size of eggs
eventually popped and leaked pus and blood
dark spots appeared on skin

Septicemic: fever,:chills, weakness, abdominal pain, shock, and internal bleeding under skin/other organs
Enteric: killed victims too fast for doctors to figure out the symptoms

Pneumonic: Pneumonia, shortness of breath, chest pain, bloody/watery mucus,fever, headache, and lack of strength

Over the small period of time of 2-4 days, you most likely had a painful death
Daily life during the Black Death
-nobles fled to their manor houses and isolated themselves

-In towns and cities, the healthy isolated themselves from the sick

-People thought the disease was transmitted by eye contact, so they completely avoided the sick (wouldn't even look at them)

-In some cities authorities completely sealed off the homes of the sick

-Cleaning crews were formed to collect the dead bodies

-each day a person would announce the daily death toll in the town square

-When the toll reached 30 bodies a day the church stopped ringing their bells

-All funeral services stopped, and people dug huge ditches and filled them with the dead bodies
Thank You For Listening
the children's song "Ring Around the Rosy" came from the plague.
The "pocket full of posies" comes from when adults and children carried posies(sweet smelling flowers) in their pockets to ward off the scent of disease.
the line "Ashes, Ashes, all fall down" symbolizes the death of the plague victims
Professor Malcolm Casadaban, a molecular geneticist and plague researcher, had recently accidently came in contact w/ the bacteria in 2009 and died
The last death due to an outbreak was recorded in 1713
Plague Doctors

Cleansed w/ rose water & vinegar
Popped Buboes
the swellings are cut open to allow the disease to leave the patient's body
A mixture of tree resin, roots of white lilies and dried human excrement are applied to the place where the cuts have been made
Veins were cut open to allow the disease to be released from the bloodstream
leeches also used
ointment made of clay and violets applied to the place where the cuts have been made
Headaches relieved w/ rose, lavender, sage and bay
Nausea treated w/ wormwood, mint, and balm
Bathed in and drank human urine
Consumed powdered emeralds
People would place chickens on their skin to try to cure the plague
The impact of the Black Death were far reaching in England
-Prices rose
-Greater value was placed on labor
-Peasants moved from the country to the towns
-peasants claimed land
-Decline of the Feudal system
-Church power and influence decline
-also called "beak doctors" because of beaked masks

-the beaked masks were filled with herbs thought to prevent disease

-carried a wooden stick to avoid touching a victim

-practiced bloodletting
4 types of Plague

Bubonic plague: attacks immune system
From infected flea bites or rodents

Septicemic plague: attacks the bloodstream
-caused by Bubonic plague

Enteric plague: attacks the digestive tract
-this type was not very common

Pneumonic plague: attacks the lungs
-From inhaling bacteria from an infected person or from the air

Pneumonic usually killed victims extremely fast

People believed the plague because God was punishing them for their sins
Whipped themselves
Muslims thought God was testing them
Did not do anything to try to stop the plague

How many people died?
About 5 million people died in China

Millions died in central Asia and India

The overall European population went from about 100 million to about 50 million
People believed the Black Death to be a punishment of God
Often turned to the Church for help
Priests/Bishops could not actually offer a cure/even an explanation
The Catholic Church lost a lot of its influence
The church also had lots of corruption
this led to the Protestant reformation
Today the plague can be treated with very inexpensive antibiotics

very unlucky if you die from the plague
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